Atheists Outraged by “Church Bulletin Discount” Offered by Christian Business Owner

Remember that restaurant that offered a “prayer discount?” The owner got pestered by the Freedom from Religion Foundation, and she eventually discontinued it. She didn’t want to have to deal with a lawsuit.

Well, here’s a business that offered a 10% “church bulletin discount.” All you have to do to qualify for the discount is bring in a church bulletin. (I noticed that the discount was offered on Sunday, when the business should be closed, considering that it’s owned by a Christian, but I supposed that’s beside the point.)

The owner of this pizza joint is now at the mercy of the FFRF. But unlike the “prayer discount” restaurant owner, this guy’s not backing down. The Blaze reported:

What followed was a letter postmarked July 30 from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an organization located in Madison, Wisconsin, that called Rose’s discount an act of discrimination and a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. An unnamed local resident who found the discount offensive reportedly alerted the group.

“The law requires places of public accommodation to offer their services to customers without regard to race, color, religion or national origin,” Elizabeth Cavell, an attorney who works for the atheist legal firm, told KTHV-TV.

But Rose, a Christian who recently opened Bailey’s Pizza July 1, said he firmly disagrees with this assessment, claiming that the discount was merely a “marketing tool” that enabled him to reach out to people of faith whom he associates with.

“I didn’t want to exclude anyone,” he said. “It was just like giving a discount to the Boy Scouts or the military and they made it an ugly thing.”


“I didn’t say you had to go to church. I said come in with a church bulletin,” he said, noting that some churches publish their Sunday bulletins on their websites. “[Atheists] can download it and bring it in.”

The pizza shop owner told TheBlaze that, though the Freedom From Religion Foundation requested that he write a letter to explain how he plans to “remedy the problem,” he has no plans to offer an official response.

“I really wonder if this is the best use of their resources. What are they doing about ISIS, what are they doing about joblessness?” he said. “My 45-cent discount — that’s a battle they should [wage]?

I remember when I worked at Starbucks, and anytime a cop came in, we gave them free coffee. It wasn’t a company-wide policy. It’s just what we were told to do by our store manager. No one cared. Not even the customers.

When I worked at a grocery store, Wednesdays were senior citizen discount days. If you were 55 or older, you were eligible for a 5% (or 10% – now I don’t remember) discount. No one cared. Not even the younger customers.

And of course, some places offer a “ladies night” discount. When business owners offer those types of discounts to certain people, by definition at the exclusion of others, no one cares. It’s a privately owned business, and the owner can offer whatever discount he wants.

If you’re a man (or a woman for that matter), and you find “ladies night” completely sexist, then don’t patronize that business. If you hate cops and hate it that they get free coffee when you, a civilian, have to pay for yours, go somewhere else. If you despise older people and resent the fact that they get a discount on Wednesdays while you still have to pay full price, find another grocery store.

Likewise, if you hate Christians, and you find a faith-based discount abhorrent, start your own business and offer an “atheist discount.” No one would care. Not even Christians.