Is Atheism the Fastest Growing Religion in America?

An article in the Telegraph unpacks a Washington Post Religious Map of the United States. And it comes to this conclusion: atheism is the fastest growing “religion” in the United States. I really don’t doubt it.

According to the article, data from the US Religious Census of 2010 indicates that Catholicism and Protestantism, though still standing in their traditional strongholds, are withering from within as church attendance reaches record lows. Added to this, Muslims are gaining in numbers, outstripping Jews in Florida.

What does all of this mean? That the United States is secularizing. And that the pole of Christianity will be shifting East. Americans have taken liberty, the rule of law, and economic prosperity for granted. They think they can keep these things without holding to the principles that produced them. Not so.

Citizens of former dictatorships are not so naïve.  And many of them are flocking to Christianity because they reoognize that ideas have consequences. They recognize that atheism is the most diabolical national religion in all of history, whereas Christianity, even in its most imperfect application, has produced more peace and prosperity in a society than atheism could ever boast.

But Americans are deaf and blind to these truths. The bottom line is that American hegemony is coming to a close. Our economic capacities are being eaten away, our international influence is eroding, and our religious and political convictions are rotten. But the good news is that the decline of American imperialism and exceptionalism provides a real opportunity for authentic Christians to show the true grit of their religion.

The church is not merely a social group, Theism is not a philosophical crutch, and Christianity is not just an ichthus on your car and visits to church on Easter and Christmas. It will cost more to be a Christian in the coming year. Many hypocrites, mercenaries, and opportunists will abandon ship. Good riddance.