Asthmatic Dies on the Way to Hospital After Getting Pulled Over for Speeding

An asthmatic dies after a traffic stop.

Once this Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin cop decided to pull a driver over for running a red light and speeding, there wasn’t a whole lot he could have done to save the asthmatic’s life. It was probably too late.

A woman was driving 29-year-old Casey Kressin to the hospital, because he was suffering an asthma attack, and apparently they couldn’t locate his inhaler. It was around 2:00 in the morning. The woman loaded Casey and her daughter into the car and sped on her way to the hospital, and a cop spotted her speeding and running a red light.

He pulled her over, and immediately Casey and the driver exited the vehicle, yelling to the officer that the man couldn’t breathe, and that he was having an asthma attack. Not long after the cop saw for himself that Casey was dying, he called for an ambulance.

Several minutes later, the ambulance shows up, loads Casey in and transports him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Here’s the dashcam video of the incident:

It was a situation where seconds counted, and the hospital was minutes away. It’s true that they could have made it had the cop let them go. Perhaps he could have taken Casey himself or at least provided an escort for them. But that would have been no guarantee that Casey would have survived.

We can blame the cop for making them wait around while Casey died, and we can blame Casey for not having the proper asthma accessories in case something like this happened.

But I think there’s another solution to this that could have actually saved Casey’s life. Did the cop really have to pull this person over for speeding and running a red light? It was 2 in the morning. There was no one on the road. She hadn’t hurt anyone or damaged anyone’s property. She had merely violated a traffic code, and no one was harmed because of it, and it was an emergency situation.

If the cop hadn’t been there at all, Casey likely would have made it to the hospital in time. They were only two miles away from where they got pulled over.

I know that’s a solution that’s not likely to be heeded, especially by police departments that depend on traffic violators to generate revenue. In that case, since he felt obligated to pull the person over, I think the best thing the cop could have done is to drive Casey to the hospital himself and call the hospital for them to be ready when he got there.