As The Washington Elites Try to Disarm Trump, He Only Grows Stronger

You must never underestimate your opposition.” – John Scarlett

I’m not sure what the political class is thinking at this unexpected moment in political history. They’re certainly used to being able to predict with extraordinary accuracy the movement of the political river, but with Donald Trump, they’ve left the river and entered an ocean, adrift—and that makes them angry.

The elites want Trump out of the picture. They’ve wanted Trump gone since day one because he cannot be controlled by the party. He’s an unknown variable. There are rumors swirling that the establishment is trying to keep Trump out of future debates if he will not swear allegiance to the eventual nominee.

There are now allegedly two states (North Carolina and Virginia) whose Republican parties are seriously considering keeping Trump off the ballot if he will not swear allegiance. And some Republicans are supporting this effort.

Breitbart reports:

“Former state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli supports a requirement that would demand 2016 candidates pledge not to run third party if beaten in the Republican primary, or else they will be left off Virginia’s primary ballot.”

Remember Cuccinelli? The guy was a conservative darling in his gubernatorial race in 2013, and subsequently lost when the establishment abandoned him. Now he’s seemingly morphed into one of them.

In their weekly “Caucus,” Politico speaks to “top operatives, activists and strategists in Iowa and New Hampshire.” Last week, the top activists and operatives to whom they spoke had nothing but bad things to say about Trump:

“Enough already…This kind of garbage only appeals to the hard core…while alienating the soft middle that we must win in order to take the presidency.”

“[He’s] harmful to the party, the brand and the future of our country. What’s disappointing is the speed in which other candidates follow his lead. He’s forced that to be standard operation.”

What these oblivious operatives don’t seem to get is that there’s a reason behind the Trump surge. There’s a large vein in the American body politic into which Donald Trump has tapped. This vein absolutely despises the establishment Washington elites, and they will support anyone who isn’t a D.C. insider.

Is Donald Trump a conservative? No. Is he consistent in his policy positions? No. Should he be the eventual nominee? No. The thing is, the American people are so distraught with a political class that has utterly decimated our country over the last 70 years that they are showing Washington who’s boss.

Trump is on top by double digits in the polls, and he recently drew 30,000 people to a rally in Alabama. Americans are responding to decades of absolute treachery on the part of D.C. by showing support for an outsider who doesn’t kowtow to the Washingtonian PC culture. Donald Trump is water in a blazing hot desert, and Americans are thirsty.

Trying to lock Trump out is a mistake the party will deeply regret. Doing so would result in an uprising the likes of which they’ve never seen.

I honestly don’t know if the establishment realizes this. I’m just not sure they have the perspective to see outside their chucklehead culture. Watching the establishment trying to hold Trump down is like watching a child trying to strangle a full-grown man. Their lack of self-awareness is comical.

No, Donald Trump is not a conservative. However, he’s not only pushing debate in the correct direction, but he’s a stick in the eye of the Washington cartel. The fact that a faux conservative who speaks without the political filter to which we’ve been subjected for decades can draw crowds of thousands speaks volumes. That’s how wretched the political culture has become. D.C. is so deeply rotten that people are supporting Donald Trump out of spite.

The consultants and party bigwigs would do well to grasp that concept before they try to slay a dragon unarmed. The American people are finally awake and breathing fire.