“Art”: Gay Student To Lose “Anal Virginity” On Stage

Just as potheads are the worst advocates for the legalization of marijuana, homosexuals are the worst advocates for homosexual “rights.” Seeing a headline that reads “Gay Art School Student to Lose Anal Virginity in Front of Class” makes me even less of a supporter of homosexual “rights” than I was before—not that I ever was.

It’s on the days that I am exposed to the degeneracy of homosexual activists that I really appreciate Russian president Vladimir Putin’s social policies, particular his active quashing of homosexual propaganda and the persecution of those who spread it. His duty as leader of his country is to defend it against all harm. He views homosexual propaganda as a harm to his country (as indeed it is to all societies), and it is his number-one priority to push back against such harm. It’s a bit fascistic, but if it’s right for his country, it’s right for his country.

The aforementioned headline is a real one, titling an article posted at Gawker. It begins:

Art school student Clayton Pettet says he’s held on to his anal virginity for the past 19 years, but he’s finally ready to lose it—and he wants to share his grand opening with the world.

“Grand opening” is just about the worst phrase one could use in this context.

Many in modern society are deviants who hold nothing sacred, but especially those in the LGBT community. Their bodies do not belong to God, but to whomever meets their disgustingly low standards. (In the case of bisexuals, that standard is simply, “Will it let me have sex with it?”). This Pettet fellow wants to share his body with whomever wants it, at least visually.

On January 25, 2014, Pettet, a second-year student at London’s Central Saint Martins art school…is planning to exhibit a one-time-only performance art piece entitled “Art School Stole My Virginity,” which will involve Pettet and a friend engaging in safe anal sex on stage at an art space in the London Borough of Hackney.

The qualifier “safe” is interesting here. It of course refers to the use of a condom to suddenly make “safe” something that otherwise would be dangerous. It’s also a sad statement against society that most liberals out there would only be outraged were Pettet not to use a condom, rather than over the act of perversion itself. With the condom, however, it’s beautiful and it’s “art.”

“Since culturally we do hold quite a lot of value to the idea of virginity I have decided to use mine and the loss of it to create a piece that I think will stimulate interesting debate and questions regarding the subject,” Pettet said.

Sharon Ferguson, spokeswoman for the U.K.’s paradoxical Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, is the only negative reaction cited by gay website InstinctMagazine.com (which was cited by Gawker): Pettet’s exhibitionism “cheapens our own sexual relationships.”

That it does, but so does the mere concept of homosexuality.

Were Pettet planning on doing this in Putin’s Russia, he would go to prison. And, honestly—here I’m breaking with the conservatives, liberals, and the libertarians, because why limit myself to the confines entailed by such labels; why be afraid to step outside the box?—my only complaint with that decision would be that he wasn’t outright deported.