Armed Thug Gets Shot in the Nose After Threatening Another Man’s Wife

An armed thug is surprised to discover he is not the only one who is armed.

We’d be a much safer country if everyone were armed. Criminals would eventually wise up and realize that attacking other people is too dangerous and risky to their own lives. We’d still have criminals and burglaries and murders of course, but they’d happen far less frequently than they do now.

Consider what happened to this guy and how lucky he is to be alive. Apparently, his nose saved his life:

A man in Hartford, Alabama, was walking home with his wife on Friday night when a group of armed men reportedly approached the couple.

Though details are still sketchy, the man’s instinct to protect his wife quickly kicked in and he pulled his own firearm.

Police confirmed the man shot one of the suspects in the nose. He reportedly fired just the one shot and the group dispersed.

The one injured suspect is very lucky as his injuries are not life threatening, WTVY-TV reports.

Hartford Police Chief Anne Ward said officials have determined that the shooting was justified and the man acted in self-defense. She also said it’s unlikely any charges will be filed in the shooting incident.

But the report is still lacking key details, including the motive of the group of armed men or whether police are working to identify the remaining suspects.

It better be very “unlikely” that the man will face any charges. It wouldn’t surprise me however to learn that the guy who got shot ends up suing his intended victim for disfiguring his face and requiring plastic surgery that he couldn’t afford. This is why it’s oftentimes better for the violent criminal to die in the act. Dead people can’t sue. They can vote Democrat, sure. But they can’t sue.