Being Armed Saved Me

On Friday, I posted Crimes Dropping Year after Detroit Police Chief Tells Citizens to Arm Themselves about how various crime rates have been dropping in Detroit as more citizens are arming themselves. One comment the article received was from an obvious gun hater who stated:

“Another useless piece of gun propaganda.”

If baffles my mind that so many liberals don’t believe that arming law abiding citizens will help protect them and reduce crime. This person who commented seems to be blind or plain ignorant of the many reports of legally armed citizens using their guns to protect themselves and their family. Perhaps if I tell my story of how being armed saved me, this liberal naysayer may start to understand that guns save people.

Before I was married, I drove from my home in Mesa, Arizona up to Flagstaff to visit a friend. On the drive home, a car with four Hispanics started harassing me on the highway. For nearly 20 miles, they tailgated me, pulled in front of me and went very slow and pulled alongside almost side swiping me or attempting to run me off the road and over a cliff.

No matter what I did in trying to get away from the other car, it was obvious that they were bound and determined to force me off the road. Their harassment kept getting more and more aggressive and I knew I was in deep trouble if this continued and I feared for my safety and life.

The next time they pulled alongside of me and started to move over against my car, I reached for the handgun I had sitting on the seat next to me. I laid the barrel of the gun on my arm that was resting out the window, looked over at the Hispanics, cocked the gun and then told them ‘goodbye.’

They sped off faster than if the Border Patrol was after them and I never saw them again. I am positive that my being armed and showing them my gun was the only thing that kept me being run off the road and injured or killed.

Several weeks later, I was relaying my story to a friend of mine who was a law enforcement officer with the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS). He asked when did this occur and when I gave him the date, he told me that same car of Mexicans had run another car off the road. The car rolled several times and the husband and wife were both taken to the hospital with serious injuries. This had happened shortly before they encountered me and my friend told me that I would have suffered the same fate had I not been armed and ready to use it.

My officer friend asked me if I was prepared to pull the trigger and shoot them and I told him that had they continued the harassment that I would have shot at them or their car in order to stop them. He told me that I would have been legally justified to do so. Then he informed that they caught the four Mexicans later that day as they were observed harassing another car. They were high on drugs and they were illegals. They were arrested, tried, convicted and sent to prison.

So you naysayers can scoff all you want, but I know from personal experience that being armed and ready to use my gun that day saved me from injury and possible death had I not been armed that day. I’m a firm believer in the Second Amendment right to bear arms and use them to protect myself and my family. If anyone breaks into my house, they are not getting any of my gold or silver, but I’ll be more than happy to give them my lead!