Armed Robber Learns the Hard Way Not to Use Toy Gun in Texas

Around two o’clock in the morning, a group of four bar employees in Houston, Texas were leaving work to go home when a white car with three men inside approached them. Two of them had guns drawn and demanded the employees’ money. One woman handed over her purse, but another worker grabbed his own gun and started shooting. He shot one of the armed men several times, putting him in critical condition in the hospital. The other armed man and third suspect got away in the waiting car amidst the shooting. As it turns out, the robber who’s now in critical condition was armed with a toy gun. KTRK provided the details:

A robbery suspect is in critical condition after his victims pull out a gun in Houston.

The shooting happened at about 2am on Washington Street near Heights Boulevard, where police are still interviewing the victims.

Officers say four people were leaving work at a nearby club this morning when three men pulled up in a white car.

Witnesses tell police at least two of those men had guns drawn.

As the suspects were taking one of the victim’s purses, one of the workers reached into his own car, pulled out a gun and began shooting.

One of the suspects was shot several times and is in critical condition. Another suspect may have been hit as well, but managed to get away after jumping into a waiting car.

It turns out at least one of those suspects was carrying a toy gun.

Police discovered a toy gun on the scene and say it belonged to the robbery suspect who is now in critical condition.

The other suspect may have had a real gun, but police cannot say that for sure.

Officers are still talking to those bar employees but say the bar worker who shot the suspects was defending himself and his co-workers.

Criminals need to learn that if they want to do “business” in a place like Texas, it’s best to assume that everyone there is armed. With real guns. It would save them the hassle of getting shot and killed, or spending time in ICU and then living in jail for a while. If they want to do well in their line of work, they should move to a more gun control friendly place like Chicago, New York or California.