Armed New York Pizza Man Defends Himself From Three Thugs

Here’s a guy who former New York Mayor Bloomberg would’ve preferred to be a victim. Bloomberg’s campaign to ban everyone’s guns would leave innocent people defenseless and criminals armed with whatever they could get their hands on.

As bad as the gun laws are in New York, thankfully some people, like this pizza deliveryman, are allowed to carry a concealed handgun for self-defense purposes.

The Buffalo News reported:

A gang of robbers attacked a pizza deliveryman just before 10:30 p.m. Monday as he brought food to a house in the 400 block of Cornwall Avenue, near Erie County Medical Center.

In the front hallway of the house, one of the robbers, who wore a mask and had a brown hoodie pulled over his face, hit the deliveryman on the head with a hammer, according to police.

The masked man also displayed what appeared to be a gun, police said.

But then, the deliveryman told investigators, he pulled out his own handgun and fired a shot, striking the masked man. The rest of the gang scattered.

DeJuan Coleman, 18, of Deerfield Avenue, was under police guard at ECMC in fair condition Tuesday, recuperating from gunshot wounds to the upper right arm and abdomen. He has been charged with first-degree robbery.

The pizza deliveryman, whose name is being withheld by Buffalo police for safety reasons, was treated for head cuts and bruises as well as a left hand injury suffered in the robbery attempt. Police said his gun was properly registered.

People have lamented that the pizza guy didn’t kill him. But remember, he had just gotten hit in the head with a hammer. I’m sure he did the best he could.

If this guy hadn’t been allowed to carry a concealed weapon, he’d likely have been a goner, which is exactly what ex-Mayor Bloomberg wants. In fact, he thinks he’s going to heaven for working to make defenseless victims out of innocent people.