Armed Neighbor Stops Naked Man Beating Ex-Girlfriend

Thanks to a responsible, armed neighbor, a woman’s life was saved.

A man was at his ex-girlfriend’s house where he had reportedly held her hostage for 20 hours and beat her. When she tried to escape, the man caught up with her in the street and continued to beat her while he was naked. Neighbors reported hearing the commotion while the two were fighting in the house, but when it extended out into the street, that’s when an armed neighbor sprang into action. He grabbed his gun and went out and confronted the guy. He instructed the man to let the woman go, and when he complied, the friendly neighbor held him there at gunpoint while the police made their way over to arrest him. The Daily Caller reported

A Pennsylvania man is being hailed as a hero for rescuing a neighbor who had been beaten by her ex-boyfriend and held hostage for 20 hours.

Henry Oppenheim told WTAJ that he grabbed his gun after seeing the woman being beaten on the street in Altoona Friday morning.

Police say that the attacker, Henry Yancey, had held the woman, his ex-girlfriend, hostage for 20 hours and that he had beaten her throughout the night, threatened to kill her and stabbed her in the leg.

The woman was able to escape Yancey, but he chased her naked in the street and caught her. But when Yancey started to attack the woman again, Oppenheim and other neighbors intervened.

Oppenheim told WTAJ: “I quickly ran into my room grabbed my gun and went out to defend her. I said let her go. And then he finally did it.”

Oppenheim said that he has a concealed carry license and takes his gun with him almost everywhere. He held Yancey until police arrived.

And asked if he would help out again if confronted with the same situation, Oppenheim said, “in a heartbeat.”

“Not a second thought. No reservations.”

Other neighbors helped in the effort.

Tatiana Scriver told WTAJ that after Yancey was neutralized, “we moved her to the front to get her safe and secure and away from him,”

“We all stick together and when we see a girl getting beat — we just don’t allow that,” said Nicky Mimikos.

Yancey was arrested and charged with attempted criminal homicide, stalking, and making terroristic threats. The woman was treated at the hospital and released.

We don’t know what would have happened if that neighbor hadn’t intervened. The man was threatening to kill the woman and had already stabbed her once. It’s cases like this one that show how important it is for people to carry firearms. Waiting on the police is not always a viable option. Unless of course a good guy has a gun pointed right at the bad guy until the police show up.