Armed Kidnapper Shot and Killed After Threatening to Harm Victim’s Wife

A Mississippi man was loading up his pickup truck and getting ready to leave on Saturday morning around 6:30 when a couple of armed criminals came to him and demanded his money. Since his wallet was still in his house, the duo forced him back inside to fetch it. Then, they instructed him to drive them to an ATM presumably where he’d withdraw as much money as possible to give to them. According to neighbors, the victim is a doctor, and if the armed thugs knew this, they probably assumed that he made good money.

At some point during their drive, one of the kidnappers remarked that they were going to leave the victim and then drive back to his house to harm his wife. That crossed the line, so the guy grabbed his own gun and shot one of the kidnappers and killed him. The other took off running. Police described him as a black male wearing a bandanna and a dark shirt. They believe he got in a tan SUV with no tags. – Jackson, MS

It’s good that he had a gun in his truck. Maybe that’s why he wasn’t able to do anything right away. If he had carried the gun on him, he could have ended the ordeal early on. Thankfully, he found the opportunity he was waiting on to take action, and one of the criminals paid big time. Hopefully, the other guy will be nabbed shortly. But somehow, spending a little bit of time in jail just doesn’t sound like justice to me, especially considering that the victim’s taxes will help fund the kidnapper’s sustenance.