Armed Homeowner Protects Wife from 3 Armed Intruders

Better to be an armed homeowner than a dead homeowner!

An elderly couple in rural Oklahoma are happy they had a gun to protect themselves one night when three intruders broke in their house, some of them armed. When they busted in the door, they took the man’s wife at gunpoint and headed toward another room and ordered the man on the floor.

He complied, but while he was down, he was able to retrieve his firearm that he kept in the coffee table drawer. When he got it, he stood up and was able to shoot in their direction and hit a couple of them. They returned fire without hitting anyone, and then they decided to retreat out of the house and escape with a female accomplice. Police were able to nab two of the guys and the woman. The other is still on the loose. The Daily Caller reported:

Eddie and Cindy Gilmore were in the living room of their Marshall County home when three masked men barged in and demanded they get down on the ground.

“Three people ran in and grabbed my wife,” Gilmore told KXII. “She stood up.”

The men took a screaming Cindy Gilmore into the couples’ bedroom at gunpoint and ordered him to lie on the ground near his couch.

“And I got over between the couch and the coffee table and when I did I went down and put my arm on the coffee table to kind of hide myself and I pulled the drawer open, which I had a gun in there,” Gilmore described.

Gun in hand, Gilmore said he stood up and began shooting, hitting two of the suspects. They fired back but did not injure the couple.

“They had a gun to her head,” Gilmore said. “They could’ve killed her and come right in here and killed me if I hadn’t had a gun.”

The three masked men, who were also accompanied by a female accomplice, fled the scene. Gilmore called 911. Police later arrested two of the men, Broderick Humphrey and Austin Braden, and the woman, Meridann Awalt. The other suspect, Freddy Cervantes, has not been apprehended.

If he hadn’t had that gun, who knows what would have transpired that night. Very likely, that gun helped to save his and his wife’s life.