Armed Homeowner Defends Himself From 3 Intruders

At Obama’s recent gun control town hall, he told a rape survivor that more often than not, a victim’s gun is taken away by an assailant and used against the victim. I’m sure that does happen, but even if it does, that doesn’t mean that we should make it more difficult for people to own firearms. Liberals would rather there be dead or injured victims than for them to have a fighting chance to defend themselves.

In Dekalb County, Georgia, three guys tried breaking in this man’s house. Little did they know that he was a cop. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported:

An Atlanta police officer shot one of three alleged home invaders attempting to break into the officer’s home Sunday morning in Lithonia, Channel 2 Action News reported.

The officer involved in the incident, David Sutton, is a six-year veteran of the department, Atlanta police spokesman Sgt. Warren Pickard told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Sutton wasn’t injured in the alleged invasion, Pickard said.

Kathy Prince, the “block captain” of the Burlington subdivision where the incident happened, told Channel 2 the officer shot one of the suspects, and police are currently looking for the other two.

Prince said there have been five attempted break-ins in the Burlington subdivision, so area residents were relieved to hear Sutton caught the alleged home invaders in the act.

“We’re saying, ‘Hooray,’” Prince said. “It’s about time. It was going to happen.”

As far as we know, none of these guys were killed. Only one of them was shot, and the others fled. The one who was shot tried to drive himself to the hospital, and the police were able to locate him at a local medical center.

What this armed homeowner did could have brought the break-in spree to an end. As one of the man’s neighbors Kathy Prince noted, there had been five attempted break-ins in that neighborhood.