Armed Domino’s Employee Chases Off 3 Armed Robbers

The father of this Domino’s employee had been robbed at gunpoint at this particular Domino’s location in Arkansas. That incident led to the man’s daughter getting a gun for herself for protection at work. And good thing she did, because not long after her dad was robbed, three armed robbers came in shooting at people. The armed employee grabbed her gun and shot back, which sent the three hoodied bandits running out the restaurant. The Daily Caller reported:

After Sarah Cherry’s father was robbed at gunpoint two months ago at an Arkansas Domino’s pizza store, the former Army military police officer began carrying a gun with her for protection to her job at the same restaurant.

Cherry had cause to use that gun — a .380 — Wednesday night when three armed men wearing hoodies stormed into the Blytheville eatery and shot at her during a robbery attempt.

“When she came around [to the front of the store], she didn’t know what was going on,” Cherry’s father, Clint Cherry, told The Daily Caller during a phone interview. “She came around front, and she shot.”

“She was defending the people more than herself,” Cherry added, noting that there were three or four other employees in the store at the time.

Cherry said his daughter fired three shots at the assailants.

“When she shot, they took off. And then she followed them out the door to see where they were going. She might have said a few choice words too,” Cherry joked.

“She knows how to shoot,” the proud father added, mentioning that his daughter was a military police officer during her six years in the Army. “She could have hit them if she wanted to.”

Clint Cherry himself has stared down the barrel of a gun — and it wasn’t during his own 28-year military career.

Two months ago an armed robber “stuck a gun in my face,” Cherry said, adding that he handed the robber the $18 he had in his pocket.

“There’s so much stuff going on in this town,” Cherry told TheDC.

He rattled off a list of businesses in town that have been robbed recently. Besides his own store, an insurance company down the street was recently hit. As was a chicken restaurant. A gas station across town was robbed Friday, he said.

“I told her, I said, use it to protect yourself,” Cherry says he told his daughter of her work gun. “We lose our job, we lose our job, but we’re going to protect ourselves.”


Domino’s employees have lost their jobs in the past for shooting at armed robbers in self-defense. The company requires employees to sign an agreement containing a clause about not carrying weapons.

A spokesman for Domino’s corporate office said that the decision to fire Cherry over the incident would be up to the franchisee who owns the Blytheville store.

“The corporate office has no authority in making personnel decisions for independent business owners,” Tim McIntyre, senior vice president of corporate communications for Domino’s told TheDC.

All these businesses getting robbed in this town need to arm themselves like this employee did. These armed robbers were lucky to be able to run away this time. The next time they confront a gun owner, the gun owner may not be so nice.