Armed Carjacker Shot and Killed by Victim

After a Titans game, a couple of guys were hanging out outside in their Nashville, Tennessee neighborhood when a white SUV pulled up with three armed thugs inside. One of them got out, demanded their wallets and other belongings at gunpoint, while a second armed man got out and took their things. The first one snatched the keys to one of the guys’ car to steal it. As he was getting in, one of the victims drew his weapon. The would-be carjacker shot at him, and the victim shot back in self-defense and killed the carjacker.

According to News Channel 5:

Officials with Metro Police said Marcus Henley and Maurice Harris were standing in front of Harris’ house after the Titans game when a white Jeep Cherokee pulled up. 

According to police, the alleged gunman, identified as 22-year-old Clarence Goins, was armed with a semi-automatic pistol when he got out of the SUV and demanded their belongings. 

A second suspect also got out of the Jeep and took Henley’s wallet, while police said Goins grabbed the keys to Harris’ Chrysler 300 sedan. As Goins was getting inside the vehicle, Henley, who was armed, pulled a gun.

Police said Goins opened fire, which led to Henley shooting back in self-defense.

Goins was struck and died at the scene. Authorities were able to  recover his weapon. 

The other suspect got into their white SUV and drove off. Henley and Harris remained on the scene and cooperated with the investigation.

If this had been a state that was not gun-friendly, this would have likely been a news story about a robbery and carjacking and possibly a murder. Liberals actually prefer those kinds of news stories. But when good people are armed, the bad guys often end up dead.