Arkansas School District Begins Training And Arming Teachers

There are states that allow their school districts to approve arming teachers, but most have been reluctant to do so. In fact, even in pro-gun states, such efforts have stalled because of educators themselves. Just the idea of bringing guns into a school doesn’t make any sense to most liberals involved with public education. They think that guns were the cause of the Sandy Hook shooting as well as every other mass murder. So, they’d rather wait for the murderer to come to their school and kill a bunch of people than have a few armed officials armed and trained how to use their firearm well.

In South Dakota, they just recently legalized arming schoolteachers. But even though it’s legal, so far, no one wants to volunteer to be trained how to use a gun. They’re afraid of accidental shootings. And even if a teacher wanted to carry concealed on campus, that teacher would have to seek and receive approval from their respective, local school board.

In Arkansas, however, they’re actually going to be arming school officials.

“An area superintendent is arming volunteer teachers and staff with guns starting this Fall. The training for the ‘Emergency Response Team’ began Thursday in Clarksville, a plan created in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut last December. ‘We continue to have these school shootings, and we continue to do the same thing,’ explains the Clarksville Superintendent. ‘We lock the door, and we hide and hope for the best. Well that’s not a plan.’ Dr. Hopkins’ idea is to train his own faculty and staff with firearms. The team will be made up of over 20 volunteer teachers and staff who will undergo 53 hours of training.”

The Clarksville Superintendent David Hopkins said that the students will have no idea who is armed and who isn’t. And neither will any armed intruder. “They’re not going to be in a uniform, and they’re not going to be wagging their gun on their side,” he said. “We’re going to be very discrete about it, but yet we’re going to be trained professionals, and we’re going to be able to provide security for our kids in a matter of seconds instead of minutes.”

That’s one thing everyone learned really well from Sandy Hook; that when seconds count, police are minutes away. They can’t be expected to be everywhere at once. Many times all they can do is come after the fact to clean up the mess.

Having teachers and other school officials packing heat seems like such a simple solution. They should allow it for the same reason that a homeowner owns a gun:  for the protection of his household. Yes, an accident might happen. But another Adam Lanza could happen too. And if school superintendents and politicians really want to cut down on the possibilities of another Sandy Hook shooting, arming responsible volunteer school staff members is the way to go.