Are Vultures Latest Spy Technology?

Officials in the Sudan have captured a vulture that had been fitted with a GPS tracking system that was powered by solar energy.  The vulture also had a tag on its leg from the Israel Nature Service and Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Immediately, the anti-Jewish hatred replaced common sense reasoning, when Sudanese officials accused the Israelis of using the vulture to spy on them.  They claim that the tracking equipment has the capability of taking photos of the ground and sending them back to Israel via satellite.  Yet there was no mention that the tracking equipment actually contained any photo equipment, only that it was capable of doing so, referring to the radio signal used to track the bird’s location.

The spying accusations by the Sudan government were made after they accused Israel of jamming their radar defenses and then bombing an ammunitions depot near Khartoum.  The ammunitions depot was suspected of supplying weapons to the militant group Hamas which still promises to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.  Israel has not commented about their possible involvement of the raid.

Israel Nature and Parks Authority Ecologist Ohad Hazofe, acknowledged that the vulture was one of one hundred that they had tagged with tracking devices back in October.  There is very little known about the migration of the vultures which can fly nearly 400 miles per day, so they fitted a number of them with devices that tracks their location and altitudes in an attempt to learn more about them.  Concerning the captured vulture, Hazofe commented:

“That’s the only way we knew something had happened to the bird – all of a sudden it stopped flying and started travelling on the ground.”

It’s possible that the Sudanese spy hysteria could have been prompted by a similar event a year ago when officials in Saudi Arabia arrested another large bird with a tracking device as a Zionist spy.  However, the bird was soon released and the Saudi officials blamed overzealous journalists for blowing the whole thing out of proportion.

I had to laugh when I read the Sudanese accusations.  Have you ever watched a vulture or buzzard fly?  They circle round and round and round and round searching for something dead to eat.  They may fly twenty miles in circles and only transverse a couple miles distance in all.

Then there is the question of how to control the direction a bird flies, unless it’s been well trained.  I seriously doubt if all of the vultures tagged fly in the same direction, so there was no telling if the bird would be spying on the Sudanese or on themselves.

Using vultures as spies would be time and cost prohibited and I’m sure the Israelis are smart enough to figure that out.  But for all of you conspiracy theorists, you better make sure of what you’re doing the next time you look up and see a vulture or buzzard circling overhead.