Are Trump’s Poll Numbers Still Rising?

Election analysts Jeremy Peters, Sean Trende and Jamie Weinstein appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss what the GOP Presidential polls were saying and to explain how serious Trump’s poll numbers are.

Trende was quick to say that Trump could still see his numbers rise, but that there is just no way to predict what could happen next because we’ve never seen a candidate like him before.

He has shown a pretty fast growth in his poll numbers. We could see these continue to grow, especially since independents can vote in either primary in New Hampshire. kind of hard to peg down what they’re going to do.

However, Trende also sees reason for Trump and his supporters to be concerned. The other candidates have not yet begun to spend their money on direct advertising targeting the frontrunner, and once that happens everything could change.

One of the tough things that Mr. Trump has going for him is that he has some pretty liberal positions on the issues. Right now, people are focused in on his personality. As we get closer to actual voting, as people start running ads, I think the Republican electorate is going to shift more towards an ideological stance, and that could hurt him.