Are Obama’s Women Bankrupting The United States?

The recent release of Congressman Paul Ryan’s 2013 Republican budget proposal has apparently awakened Obama’s largest constituency, women. Once again, left wing “orthodoxaholics” are raging against the moderate Republican plan for fiscal responsibility as another version of the contrived “war on women.” Liberals are working overtime, convincing American white females that the 2012 election gave President Obama a mandate to continue to finance entitlement spending on programs benefitting American women and the Republican’s would rather to eliminate them.

Here we go again.

America often criticizes ethnic minority groups for their entitlement dependency, but rarely does anyone take issue with the growing costs of providing entitlement programs designed to service the needs of American females regardless of race. Statistics confirm, from cradle to grave over 80% of American entitlement beneficiaries are female or female run households. In our modern America, women are now the favored caregiver for dependent children. They also live longer than their male counter parts so it is fair to conclude that they would draw a larger portion of available government benefits. However, it appears that a large portion of American women, including whites, have come to see the government as their personal sugar daddy and are giving little thought to the long term damage female entitlement dependency is doing to our nations fiscal health.

Although history has proven most government entitlement programs to be expensive and unsustainable failures, all government benefits programs, by design, attempt to rectify some perceived social inequality affecting a particular group of Americans. More often than not, that group always includes women. As an example, the Affordable Care Act reveals an unequal number of amendments and provisions designed to service female Americans only. Things like ending gender rating, access to covered birth control without co-pays, elimination of pre-existing conditions like pregnancy and domestic violence, requiring coverage of adult children until they hit their 30’s and what will amount to a massive expansion of Medicare.

According to liberals, reducing entitlement spending or what is really entitlement dependency will unfairly target women, children, and female seniors. It is hard to argue against this point since women, as a group is the biggest beneficiary of government entitlements. To liberals, any Republican attempts to reduce out of control spending and bring our budget closer to balance is now an assault on women and children and is contrary to the message Americans sent by electing Obama for a second term. To Democrats the sky is now the limit and they will characterize any Republican attempts to curb runaway Obama spending as bigoted attacks on the Democrats largest constituency, women.

I would think that our equal rights/special protections coveting female population would be ashamed of its growing dependence on entitlements and Obama income redistribution. I, for one, think that women can do everything that men can do. So why do they need so much government money to get it done? Why do they need expensive and costly entitlement programs to get ahead in the world? Should not equality of opportunity come with equality of costs?

If government entitlement spending is the cause of our fiscal mess, it is fair to suggest that women are bankrupting our nation. With all the talk of income equality in America, I think it is shocking that one group of Americans receive the lioness share of entitlements while the other are expected to pay for it. Moreover, if women really wanted to find equality in America perhaps they would choose to pay their own way for a change.

I know I just stirred the hornet’s nest, but it is time American women accept responsibility for all the government lies and misrepresentations they support to get what they want. American women have and continue to consume an obscene portion of entitlement spending adding to our choking short-term national debt and they continue to elect the politicians bankrupting our nation to service these government benefits. Much like domestic violence, government dependency is a cycle that must be broken if the United States ever hopes to become economically viable again.

If America has any hope of improving our nations fiscal health, women better wake up to the fact that the politicians they have put in power have run out of other people’s money. At some point, this gravy train will come to a screeching halt and opportunistic politicians, like sugar daddies, will move on to a more attractive mistress.