Are American Muslims Terrorizing the Constitution?

The new terrorist in the United States isn’t wearing suicide vests and sporting AK-47s; they are wearing suits and ties and have law degrees. They are members of the state’s bars, state and federal legislatures, Islamic charities/lobbies, and members of the Judiciary. They run tax free IRS sanctioned non-for-profits as fronts to further the cause of Sharia acceptance in American Society and American Courts.

Before the “not all Muslims are bad people” crowd skip the rest of this column and proceed to defend the greatest threat to American freedom and security we face, let me say this: I don’t care what you think. Do business with whomever you wish. Marry an Islamist for all I care. Just don’t come complaining when some Judge or Elected Official tells you that American law no longer applies and you must live under Islamic subjugation.

Today in the United States there are well over 50 courts cases in various state and appellate courts that involve the use of the Muslim faith and its Sharia law. Business disputes, child custody, property division, criminal defense and Constitutional protections are being attacked by the Islamic legal community operating in our country. You will find a list and study of each high priority case at the following website

Many state Legislatures have taken the lead in attempting to pass legislation preventing any religious or international law from interfering or superseding the laws of their State and the United States Constitution and the Islamic community in America and abroad is fighting back. Foreign money operating U.S. based (non-taxable) charities benefitting Islamic Sharia advocacy in the U.S. judicial system is expansive and epidemic.

For decades Islamists have infiltrated our universities, business communities, government, and now they have a foot in the door of our legislatures and judiciaries. The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America ( a 501c3 was established to lead the Muslim community to a “better understanding of the practice of the religion of Islam in Western Societies.” Sounds innocent enough until you take a look at their website. Under the “Declaration” heading you will find advice on “Issue’s facing the Muslim Family in the West” and counsel on Sharia obedience.

One such piece of advice deals with Insurance. According to the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America entering into a contract for insurance conflicts with the tenets of Islam or Sharia and should only be done if no other choice is given and it can be disputed on religious grounds in court. I wonder how Obamacare is going to work or how something as simple as automobile insurance laws and resulting torts will be affected by Sharia compliance in America. It appears that crossing ones fingers behind your back is now a respectable legal defense.

Since I only have 700 words to work with let me just say that they are advising all Muslims to ignore any laws that conflict with Sharia in all matters related to living outside of an Islamic Majority State. In other words, to be a good servant of Islam, the faith and Sharia obedience take precedence over any government or contract and many American Judges are entertaining Sharia principles and law when rendering civil and criminal court decisions all over our Nation.

Sharia law as documented in the Quran and Hadiths is explicit in its demand for adherence and practice by true Muslim believers. Contrary to what some accommodating American’s may believe Sharia law is not a myth; it is becoming a dangerous reality in America. “Islamaphobic” the term that will be used to characterize this article was created by Islamists much in the same way “homophobic” is used to demean and vilify traditional American values in more tolerant political circles. Ad hominem attacks by the culturally tolerant may be a convenient distraction from the successful advances of anti-American ideologies like Sharia, but only if the American public turns a blind eye to this insipient influence metastasizing in our American Courts.

The State of Michigan, home to our first Muslim U.S. Congressman and a state with one of the largest and growing populations of foreign born Muslims is joining nineteen other states in considering legislation designed to protect all its residents against application of foreign law and religious law in U.S. civil and criminal court cases. Four U.S. states already have such legislation and a U.S. House bill (HR 973) has been authored and referred to committee to address this issue.

I urge every U.S. citizen to contact their representatives and show support for these kinds of laws. Our nation has a history of waiting until we have a problem before acting to resolve it; especially amongst the electorate. We don’t need a “Sharia cliff” in America any more than we need special protections for one religious belief over another. Get active now.