Anti-Racism Produces Racism, Just Like Leftists Intended

The point of anti-racism is not to reduce racism. Just like the point of Marxist redistribution is not really to decrease income inequality. I could be generous and assume that the results of leftist ideology just happen to be different than the purported desires of leftists. But I really don’t think that’s the case.

I think leftists know that their education programs don’t educate. I think they know that their income distribution plans increase inequality. I think they know that their anti-racism programs actually increase racism. I think they’re banking on it actually.

Why, you may ask? Why would leftists want to increase racism and class warfare and ignorance? Think about that question for a second. Why would they want people pitted against each other for baseless reasons that would generally be ameliorated by a good, thorough education? Because their aim is control. Divide and conquer, play the “weak” off of the “strong,” destroy the unity of the people, and then carve up their assets.

That’s why there’s so much talk about racism and anti-racism. Talk it up enough and white people just might believe that most of their peers hate black people—even if they don’t. Black people start to believe it, and they start being rude to white people simply on the basis of their skin color, and vice versa. This pre-emptive rudeness is reciprocated, thus confirming the self-fulfilling stereotype and feeding the vicious cycle. And all the while, leftists are tallying up the votes and raking in the cash. And it’s not just race.

Think about this #YesAllWomen campaign. Again, the main point is not really to solve any problem. The majority of men don’t go on murderous rampages killing women who have jilted them. The majority of men don’t condone that either. And the ones that are murderous chauvinists obviously couldn’t care less what all women think. If there is a problem, focusing on the negatives is not going to fix it. Focus on positives. Hold up good role models. Give good examples. That sort of thing.

No one wants to talk about the fact that our first “black” president has the worst record of any president in recent history concerning race relations. And for all his rhetoric about income inequality, the poor have only gotten poorer and the rich have only gotten even richer under his careful supervision. That’s no coincidence. Like a doctor that needs you sick to sell you a cure, leftists don’t want to cure this country of racism and crony capitalism. They want the country broken. Not entirely destroyed of course. A dead patient doesn’t pay. But neither does a well patient. No, leftists want the nation to stay in a perpetual state of terminal illness.

We need to stop this cycle. We don’t need cultural sensitivity training or lessons on white privilege. No one needs Black History Month. No one needs to  hear about Donald Sterling. Ever again. There are some lowbrow racists in America. That’s just another way of saying there are some ignorant jerks in America. Who cares? They’re really not the problem. They’re not dictating things. It’s the racists in DC that are wrecking shop. The majority of us don’t need to “try not to be racist.” That just produces focus on race. Which is the root of racism. The majority of Americans aren’t racist.

So let’s speak our minds, be kind, band together, and cooperate. While we’re at it, we can take our solidarity and resist the civil government together.