Anti-Islam Infidels attacked by ‘Peace Loving’ Islam

On September 11, 2012 four Americans were murdered to satisfy the delicate sensibilities of Libya’s faithful Muslims and President Obama is“deeply saddened.” Our sovereign soil is again attacked by terrorists and once again the Executive Branch finds obscure rationalizations for restraint. Are these the people we want trusted with our National Security?

As I write this, David Axelrod is pulling out what’s left of his hair trying to find a way to blame our President’s failure to lead on the Republican Party. Leftwing pundits are frantically sifting through U.S. history for obscure anecdotes proving that our prior foreign policy, Fox News and the Tea Party are to blame for yet another understandable “tragedy.”

Our President once again finds himself in a political corner while our Nation is attacked by terrorists financed at the their very core by enemies of freedom and liberty. Enemies that have infiltrated our government at all levels and are building an ideological foundation designed to destroy the United States of America.

Does anyone know how many Americans were killed in Afghanistan since Obama was elected? Of course not. It’s more than ided under George Bush. Soldiers in body bags aren’t a good compliment to a supporter’s pizzeria bear hug during an election cycle. I would argue neither is a dead U.S. Ambassador, but somehow Matthews, Maddow, Schultz and MSNBC will find a way to spin this as a foreign policy victory for Democrats before November. What an embarrassment.

This President has squandered almost four years of our world influence while Islamic leaders the world over move closer to reaching they’re goals of world dominance. This month the United Nations General Assembly will welcome Mahmud Ahmadinejad to United States soil to criticize our nation while his dictatorship completes Iran’s goal of acquiring nuclear weapons. I find it ironic that these very same nuclear weapons will eventually target the very city welcoming his lies and deceptions. And our President intends to give this gathering credibility by speaking himself? Will he mention the four Americans murdered in Libya and the storming of our Embassy in Egypt or perhaps he will once again shower his inept support for the Arab Spring he so blindly trusted to respect Americans lives and property now murdered and destroyed? Then again he may praise the General Assembly for scheduling an anti-Israel address on Yom Kippur.

Unlike golf there are no mulligans given in the game of foreign policy where lives are at stake and real consequences come to bare. You can’t pick, clean and replace four dead Americans while hitting from the sand in the Middle East. Islamic leadership knows our President well and fully expects that he will continue to let them play from the ladies tees so that in the end America loses the match.

It’s time for new leadership in our nation. Leaders who have the guts to confront the strengthening threat Islamic leadership covertly influences while more Americans are murdered. We may not see cheaper gasoline from the development of domestic oil sources, but at least U.S. dollars won’t be funding global Islamic terrorism. It’s time our government fixed its sights on the elimination or at least the intimidation of the culture of violence masquerading as legitimate religious beliefs. Under President Obama’s so called leadership we no longer have our enemies on the run. They have breached the wire and are in our perimeter. They are among us as they were before September 11, 2012 and they have no fear of death or American global influence. After all they have an ally in our White House and State Department. Israel has come to recognize this fact and so should the American public.