Anti-Gun PSA Encourages Kids to Steal Parents’ Guns, Bring Them to School

A San Francisco-based production company put out an anti-gun PSA that encourages kids to steal their parents’ guns and bring them to school.

The ad features a young teen at home, going into his parents’ bedroom and grabbing their gun that’s kept in their chest of drawers. The boy puts the gun into his backpack and takes it to school. After class is over, he takes the gun out and slams it on the teacher’s desk and asks her to take it from him, because he “doesn’t feel safe with a gun in his house.” The message at the end is “Stop gun violence now.”  The video has been made private, probably due to the negative publicity.

Like this would ever end well in real life. Kids do bring guns to school, but then they get expelled, and the police have to be involved. Why would this group encourage kids to steal their parents’ guns and bring them to school? How in the world is this supposed to “stop gun violence?” All this would do is get the kid expelled and arrested, and the police would probably want to search the house for more “contraband.” And the parents would likely face some charges for not properly securing their firearm.

Basically, everyone loses in the end. And maybe that’s the aim here. If you’re a gun-owning family, you deserve nothing more than to go to jail, and the best way to accomplish that is for one of your kids to do something really stupid like bring a gun to school.

You don’t want to go to jail? You don’t want your kid to steal your gun and take it to school? Well, maybe you shouldn’t own a gun in the first place. Did you ever think about that? And when you all go to jail and your guns are confiscated, then that’s one step closer to “stopping gun violence.”

The Daily Caller added:

What the ad-makers are encouraging is highly illegal and invites danger.

The boy would be guilty of weapons theft, illegal concealed carry and carrying a weapon on school property.

The ad’s director, Rejina Sencic, took to Twitter to taunt those she says are “afraid to share” her ad:

“Lot of people are afraid to share my PSA! If you are not a coward please share … … #gunviolence

Rejina Sincic (@QueenSincic) December 17, 2014

I don’t think it’s that people are “cowards” if they don’t share the ad. I know she probably thinks her video so shocking and thought-provoking, but it’s really neither. It’s actually pretty stupid.