Anti-Gun Protester: NRA Responsible for 30,000 Gun Violence Deaths a Year

This is sort of like the “90% of Americans” who want universal background checks for gun purchases or the “97% of scientists” who think humans and their exhaling are to blame for the Earth heating up. Or cooling down. Or whatever the bad weather is this week.

There was a group of anti-NRA protesters demonstrating outside NRA’s headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. Dan Joseph with MRCTV interviewed some about their views on guns. They must watch way too much MSNBC. One of them even tried arguing that people shouldn’t be allowed to defend themselves with a firearm at all ever.

And yes, apparently, according to one of these protesters, the NRA is responsible for over 30,000 gun deaths per year. The 32,000 figure that Piers Morgan often tossed around included any death at all where a firearm was somehow involved. It includes self-defense deaths, those killed by police, suicides, criminal homicides, and gang-related murders. The majority (60%) of those deaths are suicides. About 3% were accidental, and about 11,000 (34%) represent the remainder, of which 80% account for gang-related murders. That leaves about 2,200 non-gang-related, criminal homicides per year. And I bet the NRA were behind approximately 0% of those murders.

But don’t bother trying to convince any liberals. They like their big numbers left alone as long as they scare enough people. They only allow the dissection of big statistics when they’re the ones disadvantaged by them.