Anti-Gun Newspaper Hires Armed Security

Remember yesterday’s post about The Journal News, a White Plains, New York news organization who posted an interactive map of all gun permit owners in 2 New York counties?  Evidently, they believe guns are a good thing after all.

After posting the names and addresses of every pistol permit holder in Westchester and Rockland counties, and announcing that they would soon post a map of permit-holders in Putnam County, The Journal News has been inundated with phone calls and emails from angry gun owners.  They perceived the response as a threat, and even reported a couple threatening emails to police, who later said the emails did not pose a serious threat in their mind.

So what did the anti-gun news organization do?  They hired armed security guards from RGA Investigations, a New York based security company to protect their headquarters in West Nyack.

Caryn A. McBride, Rockland Editor of The Journal News was deeply concerned over the amount of negative correspondence they were receiving.  She filed at least two reports with the police about perceived threats, but the police dismissed them as threats.  One email asked ‘what McBride would get in her mail now.’  Police told her that the message did not contain an actual threat or pose an offense.

However, the backlash to The Journal News has been so great that Putnam County officials have said that they have decided to not supply the information on permit holders in their county, regardless of the Freedom of Information Act.  Additionally, New York State Senator Greg Ball and Representative Frank Sparaco have announced that they plan on introducing bills to make such records private and not available to the public in the future.

When all is said and done, the news agency that claimed to be anti-gun and decided to endanger all pistol permit holders in at least two New York counties became true hypocrites when they hired armed security guards to protect their office and staff.  Their actions say that they believe in protecting themselves, but that homeowners do not have the same rights of self-protection.  I would say that The Journal News’ reputation and integrity just went down the proverbial toilet for good.