Anti-Gun Group Makes Fake Gun Shop to Shame Gun Buyers

The anti-gun group States United to Prevent Gun Violence set up a fake gun shop in New York City in order to make buyers feel guilty and think twice about buying a gun. Jude Abeler with the Daily Caller wrote:

First-time gun buyers looking for protection were shamed into changing their minds after going into a mock gun shop in New York set up by the gun-control organization States United to Prevent Gun Violence.

“It is one of our rights, but my opinion has definitely changed,” said one female customer. “I don’t feel safe with a gun.”

The front of the store read: “First time gun buyer? We’re here to help you.” Inside, it had on display only certain types of guns that had been used in high-profile tragedies like Sandy Hook and others.

When showing off a .22 revolver to an unsuspecting “pro-2nd amendment” couple, the store clerk described it as “the easiest gun we have to use. It’s our most popular one… It’s also a gun that a 5-year-old found in his parents bedroom, went down and shot his 9-month-old baby brother with it.”

And on it went.

If this group and all other anti-gun groups were successful in eradicating “gun violence” by banning guns (which would never happen), then they’d have to change their focus to ending “knife violence” and “fist violence.” The murders would continue. The violence would escalate as it has in the UK. Who cares about the tools used to commit violent crimes? How about dealing with the criminals themselves?

Trying to put a guilt trip on gun buyers by saying that a particular AR-15 is the same type of gun Adam Lanza used to kill a bunch of people in Newtown doesn’t make the gun itself look bad. It only makes the criminal himself look evil for committing such a heinous crime. So what that he used an AR-15. Or a Glock. He could have used a machete if he wanted to.

Perhaps saying that it’s the same gun that Lanza used would make a buyer want a similar firearm all the more. After all, if there had been someone there at Sandy Hook Elementary School who had a firearm who was able to take out Lanza before any carnage resulted, there’d have been no tragedy.

Guns might be used to cause a tragedy. But they can just as easily and more frequently be used to prevent tragedies. That happens all the time. We don’t hear about them, because the media only focus on the tragedies. It’s like they only want the bad news, because that’s what gets the viewers watching, which helps their ratings and increases payouts from their advertisers.

If most people truly understood guns and their history, there would be no anti-gun lobby.