Another Woman Dies on the Abortion Altar of Liberalism

How many women and unborn children have to be sacrificed on the abortion altar of liberalism before God destroys our nation?

One of the main arguments presented during the Roe v. Wade trials was the need for women to have access to safe abortions.  According to abortion advocates, that could only be accomplished if abortions were made legal so that women would not be going to back-alley butchers to murder their babies.

I know it’s almost impossible to know how many women were injured or died as a result of abortions before it was made legal, but it doesn’t seem that legalized abortions are any safer now than before.  We still hear about one problem after another with women having complications from abortions in clinics that do not have doctors with hospital admitting privileges.

Lakisha Wilson, a 22 year old Columbus, Ohio woman looks to be another victim of legalized abortion.  At five months along in her pregnancy, Wilson decided to murder her baby.  She went to a clinic in Columbus and was turned away.  Next she tried a clinic in Akron and was again turned away.  Finally, she found a clinic in Cleveland, Preterm, who agreed to murder her baby.

At one point in the abortion procedure, Wilson stopped breathing as indicated by a 9-1-1 call.  She was seen being loaded into an ambulance outside the clinic.  Seven days later, Lakisha Wilson was pronounced dead.  The medical examiner for Cuyahoga County has not yet released a cause of death, but one has to wonder if it wasn’t related to her abortion when she stopped breathing, then what else could it have been?

Scott Taylor, an investigative reporter for the local 19 Action News looked into Preterm’s history and found that they only had 2 complaints over the past seven years.  Their last state inspection was in April 2013 and everything was found to be in compliance with state requirements.

Nonetheless, Lakisha Wilson died, most likely as a result of her abortion conducted at their facility.  Depending on the result of the autopsy, the question must be asked if Wilson would still be alive had she not decided to legally murder her baby?  There’s a growing list of women who would still be alive if they had not decided to end the life of the human being within them.

As long as we legally allow abortions to take place, more women and millions of children will continue to be sacrificed on the altar of liberalism.