Another Victim Beaten in Knockout Attack

In most of these attacks, a group of black teens descend on an unsuspecting white person and sucker punch him. Usually others are on camera duty to record the event, after which they post it on the internet for all to see. I guess if they know they’ll get away with it, they might as well tell the world what they did. It’s not like anyone is going to do anything about it.

My Fox Philly reported on a recent incident, which took place in an Upper Darby, Pennsylvania trolley stop:

A man sitting at a trolley stop in Drexel Hill is punched in the face, and it’s all caught on camera.

”It’s a real shame that something like this could take place,” said the victim.

The victim does not want to be identified, but wants his story told.

He says he was just minding his own business at the Burmont and Morgan trolley stop last week when about six teens came up to him.

“It’s a feeling to me that I know it wasn’t personal. I know, I don’t do anything to anybody,” he said.

The video shows the attacker standing around for several seconds before striking the man in the face.

“It could have been worse because they did hit me with glasses on, and they could have sent my glasses right into my eyes,” said the victim. “I take anxiety medicine and it was quite a setback.”

Upper Darby Police are calling the incident yet another in the popular ‘Knockout Game’ where people are punched out of the blue while someone else records it.

Police also believe one of the suspects posted the video on Facebook for the world to see.

“Extremely disappointing about how the world’s changed since I’ve known it,” the victim said.

The Upper Darby Police Department says they are very close to identifying the attacker. According to police, more information will be released this week.

You can see part of the video that the teens put up on Facebook here:

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

This won’t be classified as a hate crime of course for obvious reasons. It’ll remain a “shocking” local story like all the other knockout attacks we’ve seen in recent years. And like all the others we’ve seen, the liberal establishment will call them urban myths.