Another State is Cutting Ties with Planned Parenthood!

Oklahoma Republican Gov. Mary Fallin ordered the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to terminate contracts with two Planned Parenthood affiliates Thursday, citing billing problems.

Fallin said she made the decision because of problems with the two affiliates overcharging Oklahoma residents for services by 20 percent and 14 percent. She pointed out that there are about 120 other health care options for Oklahoma residents.

“Terminating the contracts with the two Planned Parenthood affiliates, which operate in about six metropolitan locations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, will not interfere with a woman’s ability to have a free choice of healthcare provider services,” Fallin wrote in a letter to Oklahoma Health Care Authority CEO Nico Gomez.

The Center for Medical Progress has released a series of videos showing Planned Parenthood officials talking about selling aborted fetuses that sparked a House investigation and efforts at state and federal levels to defund the non-profit. Planned Parenthood has since announced it will no longer accept money for fetal parts.

Fallin asked for a state review of Planned Parenthood earlier this year which revealed the overbilling. There was not, however, misuse of Medicaid funds. “These results are alarming,” Fallin wrote in the letter to Gomez. “These errors result in overbilling to the Oklahoma taxpayer. The lack of attention to the requirements imposed on a responsible provider is a continuing problem for these Planned Parenthood affiliates.”

Gomez said the OHCA will be cooperative in a statement regarding the letter.

“The Oklahoma Health Care Authority is in an audit process with this provider,” Gomez said. “When the audit is complete in the next few weeks and if the billing errors on the part of Planned Parenthood remain consistent and confirm the initial findings, I will respectfully comply with the Governor’s request to terminate our contracts accordingly.”

Texas and Louisiana also took action to discontinue Medicaid payments to Planned Parenthood. Texas barred Planned Parenthood from receiving Medicaid funds, but in Louisiana a judge ordered that the state continue paying Planned Parenthood until a final ruling is made.