Another School District Allows Concealed Carrying Teachers

Just yesterday, I wrote about the small school district in Oregon that’s now allowing teachers with concealed carry licenses to carry on campus for their own and their students’ protection. I know, I know. Guns and schoolteachers just don’t mix. Adam Lanza would wholeheartedly agree.

There’s another small town school district, Briggsdale, Colorado that’s allowing the same thing as long as the concealed carrying teachers receive adequate and regular training. They have to practice at the firing range and expel at least 100 rounds of ammo per month. The Greeley Tribune reported:

The school board decided to hire additional officers or any of the current staff members could go through the extra training courses and obtain permits to have weapons.

According to a resolution passed by the school board, staff members who sign up for extra duty to provide security must maintain a concealed carry permit, must participate in a refresher training course twice a year, must provide proof that they shoot 100 rounds at a certified range every month, and must complete tactical medical training.

With advanced medical training on top of the firearm training, [Superintendent] Mondt said staff members who sign up for security duty will be an asset in any type of disaster.

You see, this is actually doing something to combat “gun violence.” You don’t fight against violence by trying to take people’s self-defense weapons away. Duh. That’s what criminals depend on. That’s what mass murderers depend on. You protect yourself and others by having a gun and knowing how to use it.

It’s encouraging that these school districts are enacting truly commonsense provisions. One Briggsdale school staff member stated in an email to the Greeley Tribune:

“I personally am thankful that I have made the decision to carry a weapon and commit to the training required to carry a concealed weapon in the school. How could anyone deal with [himself] knowing that [he] could have done something but did not? Becoming a victim is not on my list.”