Another Knockout Attack? Man Punches 80-Year-Old Woman to the Ground

The attacker happened to be a black 35-year-old, but I don’t know what race the victim was. I don’t think it necessarily matters. The point is that for no apparent reason, this man pushed this older woman and then punched her in her back, knocking her to the ground. Then he just walked off.

The attack happened at a South Carolina Food Lion. Surveillance cameras captured his face, and grocery store employees recognized him as Curtis Styles, a man who lives near the store.

Police went to his house to question him, and he was standing in his front lawn, wearing the exact same clothes as were seen in the surveillance footage. Even when police showed him the video footage, Styles denied having anything to do with the attack. WYFF reported:

A 35-year-old Roebuck man is accused of a random assault on an 80-year-old woman as she stood in a grocery store.

Deputies were called to the Food Lion store on Highway 221 Monday morning about the assault.  The 80-year-old woman told deputies that she was standing near the checkout looking at drinks when a man she didn’t know walked up to her and pushed her. She said before she had time to realize what was happening, the man punched her in the back, knocking her to the ground.

The woman said the man never spoke a word and just walked away.

Deputies said the assault was caught on camera and was also witnessed by employees.  The employees said they recognized the man as Curtis Styles, who lives behind the store.

A deputy went to Styles’ home on Pineridge Street and said he found him standing in the front yard, wearing the same clothes he was wearing in the surveillance video.  The deputy said Styles denied anything having happened, so the deputy showed him the video.

The deputy said Styles said it was not him in the video because his face was visible.

The deputy arrested Styles and charged him with third-degree assault.  He was being held in the Spartanburg County Detention Center pending a bond hearing.

This is reminiscent of the string of knockout attacks that were taking place on a semi-regular basis all over the country. It makes you wonder if those attacks never actually stopped; that what stopped were the media reports.