Another High Schooler Suspended for Wearing Gun Shirt

Actually, I should clarify that he was given a chance by the principal to turn his shirt inside out. When the student refused, he was suspended. Breitbart reported:

 On May 6, Hindsdale High School senior Chris Borg was suspended after choosing to go home instead of turning his shirt with an image of an AK-47 inside out.

Borg said “the dean of students… offered him the chance to turn the shirt inside out,” but he “felt it was an infringement of [his] First Amendment right to freedom of expression.”

Borg is 18-years old and an Eagle Scout.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Borg wore a shirt to school “with the outline of a AK-47 depicted on the back, [and] a URL for the website of a Kentucky armory club that supports gun rights.” The shirt also had the words “Team AK” on it. 

The school handbook says students can face “disciplinary action” for wearing clothing that “is deemed vulgar, inappropriate, unsafe or disruptive to the educational process (e.g., advertising/display of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sexual innuendo).” 

School superintendent Bruce Law said Borg’s AK-47 shirt was “unsafe and disruptive.”

Law added: “Every school I’ve ever worked at has restrictions on what a student can wear when it’s offensive or could be predicted to be offensive, when it promotes drugs, alcohol or violence.”

Borg is seeking to have the suspension “removed from his record.”

I like that he brought up one of his school team’s logos. The Hinsdale Central Red Devils has a devil-like mascot, holding a trident. If they’re so concerned with depictions of weapons like guns, they should not only have all team members turn their shirts inside out, they should also get rid of the logo, because it’s “unsafe and disruptive.” In fact, the logo is more “promoting of violence” than his gun shirt is.

And he’s right about their history books. If they’re consistent, they’ll have to redact all the portions of history that involve guns, knives, other weapons, and violence. I guess not a whole lot would be left.