Another Hate Crime Hoax: Homosexual Fabricates Story of Being Beaten, Stripped and Having Slurs Yelled at Him

A man identified as Haakon Gisvold claimed that back in August, he was kicked out of a fraternity house on University of North Dakota’s campus because he was gay. He claimed that members of Lambda Chi Alpha beat him and stripped him of his clothes while yelling anti-gay slurs at him. According to Gisvold, they left him in the bushes wearing nothing but his underwear until a Good Samaritan came by with a change of clothes for him.

Police investigated the incident and interviewed some 150 potential witnesses. The frat house was put on probation during the investigation. Friends and family of the fraternity members were horrified by the allegations. But there was one glaring thing that was completely missing: evidence. Police found no evidence that the story Gisvold came up with even happened.

One of the frat members Eric Hanson said that what he remembered was some kind of altercation taking place outside involving Gisvold, who had instigated the fight and had become belligerent. Oh, and Gisvold wasn’t even a UND student.

There was such a dearth of evidence of a hate crime that police wanted the prosecutor to press charges against Gisvold for lying to the police, but the prosecutor said that that would likely not result in any conviction. If he’s not likely to be convicted, then the prosecutor didn’t see any point in pressing charges.

Even though Gisvold lied about the whole thing, the university president still had to issue a warning to the fraternity and the rest of the campus community. WDAZ reported:

Shortly after the incident happened back in August, UND President Robert Kelley sent an email out to the campus community addressing the issue, sparking some outrage since the investigation was still ongoing.

He said he was disturbed by the allegations and said violent behavior of this nature is not tolerated at UND.

The university released this statement about the conclusion of the investigation.

“We will review the information and determine any next steps for the University in compliance with federal regulations as they refer to Title IX and the Code of Student Life. We continue to strive for a safe and welcoming environment for all within our campus community.”

The prosecutor is probably right. Even though Gisvold lied to the police, and the police used up valuable resources investigating something that didn’t happen, and the fraternity had to be placed on probation during this investigation, he’s unlikely to be convicted. Ordinarily, if someone lies to the police about something like this, it would be an easy conviction. But if you’re a homosexual, it’s different. You can’t convict a homosexual easily. That’s considered a hate crime nowadays. I think they call that kind of immunity “gay privilege.”