Amtrak Train Crashed Because Engineer is a Gay Marriage Activist

Should the fact that the Amtrak engineer is a gay marriage activist factor in when considering why the train crashed, killing several and injuring many others? No, I don’t think so. What we know so far is that he was just going way too fast around a 50mph curve. From his own account, it sounds like he blacked out or something. Of course, that’s just his side of the story. Edge Media Network reported on the engineer’s homosexuality:

Though Amtrak has yet to reveal the engineer of the Washington-New York train that crashed in Philadelphia Tuesday night, the Washington Times reports social media and local news has identified him.

According to CNN, Amtrak employees told the news station the engineer is Brandon Bostian, who is also a gay rights activist. As Gay Star News points out, Bostian’s lawyer and officials at Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia also confirmed him to be the train’s engineer.

The Washington Times reports Bostian, a 32-year-old resident of Queens, New York, previously worked as a cashier at Target, according to his LinkedIn profile. His LinkedIn also says he worked as a passenger engineer at Amtrak for more than four years. GSN writes Bostian “likes several LGBTI pages on Facebook and was interviewed at a gay marriage protest in 2012.”

An article from the Midtown Gazette reports Bostian “was active in the Proposition 8 fight.” The article also writes that Bostian said he is “less enthusiastic” about fighting for gay marriage in New York back in 2012.

“It’s kind of insulting to have to beg people for my right to marry,” he said. “I feel like we shouldn’t even have to have this fight.”

So, his only experience prior to operating a giant passenger train is working as a cashier at Target just four years ago? He must have taken a crash course in train operating.

So, what does this have anything to do with his being a homosexual? Well, nothing really. In fact, it has about as much to do with homosexuality and same-sex marriage as it does Amtrak being “underfunded” because of the GOP.

But just imagine if he happened to be a donor to the Family Research Council, or what if he had been a tea party conservative? Those things would have been equally irrelevant, but you know that the media would have had a heyday with it. They’d go to all the blogs that he allegedly visited and compile all his comments and make a profile of him, making him out to be some kind of paranoid, white, racist, homophobic, right-wing extremist bigot. Even if that were the case, none of it would be relevant. But the media would insist that it had everything to do with the crash, and they’d claim this was the reason the train operator took it up to such high speeds. He had extremely poor judgment, clouded by his hatred and bigotry.

Since he obviously wasn’t a conservative, they had to find some other way to blame it on Republicans. “Not enough government funding” is always easiest.