Amnesty Rules The World

The unemployment rate, and this is definitely a situation that’s different than when we addressed this the last time in 2006 and 2007, the last time we tried to do immigration reform, the [un]employment rate is much higher now.” – Rebecca Tallent

The Liberal push for amnesty has never been more fervent. Why? Because they know very well that they need the votes of millions of illegal immigrants to secure their standing in the political hierarchy for good. Once amnesty is put into place, it will only be a matter of time before those who used to be illegal become eligible to vote. I know the Democrats and the liberal media tell us that that won’t happen, that there would be safeguards, but remember how they also said they would secure the border? How did that turn out? They lie. It’s in their very nature to do so.

The illegal vote is of great importance. Once the recently amnestied get to the polls, who will they vote for? The ones who gave them citizenship. Once that happens, the Democrats will be forever undefeated. But here’s the thing: the above quote wasn’t from a liberal; it was from a John Boehner staffer.

The Republicans, in a desperate effort to grab the Latino vote, are dashing for amnesty. They actually believe that it’s a good idea. All of this brings me to my main point. Both sides of the aisle, standing for amnesty, make the same argument: immigrants are willing to do the jobs Americans won’t. In fact, Tallent said this:

Whether we want to admit it or not, and this is probably going to get me some angry callers…There are jobs that American workers will not do…

Then she leaves it at that. That’s the argument. Without a single shred of evidence, the argument goes like that. I need to know why people believe that this argument stands. It’s not even an argument; it’s a lie on the part of those who want desperately to believe it. Has there been a survey done of which I am unaware? No.

The reason this “argument” is so pervasive is because people buy into it. We all think, “Oh, I would never work on a farm, or pick vegetables.” Because we all have jobs, because we all have an opportunity to work at Target, we have no concept of that type of labor. But there are certainly those out there who would kill to work in any capacity. There are always people willing to work. That’s logical.

The Left knows that this argument works, so they continue to use it. It’s become such a well-worn line that even Republicans are using it. We can’t let that happen. We know the truth is quite the opposite of what we are being told. Don’t let the Republicans fall into this trap. Call your Congressmen, and your Senators. Let them know that we know the truth. It’s only through our involvement that our government works.

Don’t let the liberals win. Don’t let the conservatives fall. Our future depends on it.