Amnesty: Obama Abandons African American Community

The African American community does not benefit from Obama’s executive order.

Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption, or both.” – John F. Kennedy

A keen and noble mind can see the farthest distance. It is the long term view that enables one to make accurate projections, and predictions that—among other things—aid in the avoiding of poor decisions. But the good decision making of a keen mind can be overruled by something much more powerful than intelligence, or good intent, and that is power lust. Once the notion of power consolidation infects the brightest mind like a virus, it proliferates, and turns good men into avaricious ones. The Democratic Party is densely populated by men, and women who share in this particular form of corruption, and it because they hold such high positions of power, their greed is changing the shape, and course of our republic.

Executive amnesty is the topic on everyone’s mind at the moment, given president Obama’s recent pronouncement. Regardless of one’s opinion on what exactly defines “amnesty,” one must acknowledge that Obama has delivered a death blow to American workers, particularly low-skill wage earners. By dramatically increasing the influx of legal workers, the majority of whom, due to their previously illegal status, don’t have the education to work in more high-skill positions, president Obama has filled an already overflowing pool with more water.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies:

For 2010, we estimate that 80 percent of adult illegal immigrants have not completed high school or have only a high school education. Other research has found similar results…less-educated legal immigrant households with children have extremely high rates of welfare use. And legalization would create a very large number of new less-educated legal immigrants.”

This is just the fact of the matter. The majority of illegal immigrants, many of whom will now be allowed to participate in the American workforce because of Obama’s executive actions, are low-skill workers. However, there is already quite a large pool of low-skill workers that have been left to fend for themselves with Obama’s actions: young, black men. According to Peter Kirsanow (Member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights), and Carissa Mulder:

The reason illegal immigration hurts blacks is quite basic. Blacks, particularly black men, are disproportionately concentrated in the low-skill labor market and are disproportionately likely to have no more than a high-school diploma. Likewise, illegal immigrants are disproportionately male and also disproportionately likely to have minimal educational levels. Both groups compete with one another in the low-skill labor market…

The Obama administration, many other Democrats, and even some Republicans continue to promote the tired meme which says that amnesty will help the economy because we have a shortage of labor. That is categorically untrue, specifically in the low-skill labor market, as the numbers show.

The Democratic Party has always been “the Party of black Americans.” They have a monolithic hold on the black vote because they have deceived Americans–not just black Americans–into believing that their Party actually cares for the black community. Meanwhile, they have told blacks that Republicans are old, white, racists, who want to “put y’all back in chains,” as Veep Biden once articulated so brilliantly. So what now? With this executive action, Obama has looked black Americans in the eyes, and given them the finger. He has essentially told them, through his actions, that they don’t matter as much as the next best thing. What do I mean by that? It’s all about demographics, baby.

The Democrats already have the black vote, and there is honestly little they can do that will change that. But they want something even bigger: the amnestied vote. Of course, as it stands now, those who are being given amnesty will not be allowed to vote, but all things come in their due time. First, there is little to prevent voter fraud in the kart of recently legalized illegals, but more importantly, there will be an inevitable push by the left for amnestied illegals to have the right to vote. Don’t believe me? Just ask liberal Democratic National Committee Vice Chairwoman Donna Brazile. During a February episode of This Week, Brazile suggested that it would be unfair to have some citizens who can vote, while others cannot:

I don’t think you can create two classes of citizens in this society, one with legal status and the right to vote, and one without.”

This issue will only become more prominent as more illegals are given differing kinds of legal status. Overwhelmingly, the hispanic population favors the Democrats in national elections, Democrats have won the hispanic vote by wide margins in every recent election. According to Pew research, in 2012, 71% of Hispanics voted for Obama, while only 27% voted for Romney. There is slight hope, as we saw significant upticks in the percentage of Hispanics voting for strongly anti-amnesty Republicans this last election, with 44% of Texas Hispanics voting for Greg Abbott, and in Georgia, 42% voting for Purdue. But the trend is quite clear; the Hispanic vote is pretty safely in Democrat hands.

Once voting rights are pressured into being, the Democrats will have created a massive new electorate for themselves, essentially keeping a conservative Republican from ever winning national office ever again. It’s a numbers game, and the Democrats are playing it brilliantly. It’s why they refuse to even look at Republican bills designed to simply secure the border. They want an open border so that more illegal future voters can pass through with ease.

In doing this, in pushing for this new demo, Obama, and the left in general has left black Americans to fend for themselves. They have abandoned those they allegedly care for oh so much for greener pastures. I’ll leave it to Peter Kirsanow to end this article, because he articulates this problem so brilliantly:

President Obama last night removed any remaining doubt that he shares Jonathan Gruber’s assessment of the American voter. The group toward whom he’s shown the greatest contempt, however, is low-skilled American workers, particularly blacks.