Amnesty Is NOT Comparable To Civil Rights

“President Obama stated that this is a humanitarian crisis and it is. What we need is humanitarian solutions. Sending the children back to sure death is not humanitarian…This issue could be our Rosa Parks moment on immigration reform.” – Enrique Morones

With so much misinformation making the rounds regarding the Hobby Lobby case, it can be difficult to get people to see through the fog of their own preconceived notions. Once an idea becomes tied to emotions, it grows roots in the mind that are very difficult to break. The issue of illegal immigration is one that is inexorably linked to deeply rooted emotions, and as such, it is a prime target for the spread of misinformation.

There are an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants entering the United States on a daily basis, and nothing is being done to stop it. There is much posturing from Obama, and his acolytes, but through all of it, they refuse to even discuss securing the border, which is the foundation of the problem. But that’s not what I want to talk about. There is a notion among pro-amnesty Americans that the illegal immigration situation is one that mirrors the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. They claim that illegal immigrants deserve rights of citizenship, and that anyone who stands against those rights is racist. Sound familiar? It’s the same argument the left uses when conservatives disagree with Obama. They don’t have a very large bag of tricks.

Comparing the illegal crisis to the moment Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus is not only inaccurate, but an insult to the civil rights movement at large. The civil rights movement was a reaction to an entire class of American citizens being mistreated based solely on the color of their skin. Because of nothing more than their dark features, black people were subjected to discrimination, the likes of which few today can comprehend. Rosa Parks took a stand to defend her American right to be treated just as every other American was treated. It was a brave act committed by a woman who understood her God-given rights as an American.

The blacks who fought for their rights in the 1960’s were American citizens who were discriminated against because of their race. On the other hand, illegal immigrants are not American citizens, and they are not being discriminated against because of their race. They have come to the United States from other countries, breaking the law to do so. They have bypassed those who are waiting legally, and paying thousands of dollars to make a life in this country. They often rely on government handouts because many have little or no employable skill. It’s not racism; it’s common sense.

The left crows about the humanitarian crisis while they praise abortion mills, like Planned Parenthood. Their philosophy is inconsistent because it isn’t a philosophy at all; it’s a plan to advance an agenda. The reason Obama, and the Democrats allow this “crisis” to continue is because it fulfills an agenda to alter the voting demographic of the United States. They don’t care about the illegals, they simply want a new voting class that can be manipulated through the distribution of handouts. This “humanitarian crisis” is one of Obama’s own making.

Illegal immigrants have no American rights because they are not American. They cannot participate in an act of bravery to pressure the government to recognize their rights, because those rights aren’t theirs to begin with. Illegal immigrants are not an analog to black people in the 1960’s, and to make that comparison is naive, and irresponsible. It’s a deliberate and cynical attempt to tie amnesty to the powerful emotions of the civil rights movement in order to blind people to logic. The left wants you to see illegal immigrants, and think fire hoses pressing minorities up against brick walls; they want you to see illegal immigrants and think about oppression of blacks. That way, you will be blind to the truth, which is that illegal immigrants broke the law to get here, and they are a drain on our economic resources. Amnesty is dangerous, and ultimately wildly unfair to those who came here legally. And that is the truth.