Amid Rising Racial Tension, Principal Fired for Requiring Students to Speak English

Back in December, in Hempstead, Texas, at the heavily Hispanic-populated Hempstead Middle School, Principal Amy Lacey grew what is referred to in casual circles as “a pair” and announced over the intercom that all students were thenceforth to abstain from speaking Spanish in the classrooms, thus discriminating her way into my heart.

Some students complained that Spanish is their first language, as if that had any relevance at all. If they can complain in English, which they did, then they can certainly speak in English. The Hispanic students and the white social-justice activists on the Internet called it racist. Was it? Maybe. But try telling these people that the schools in France ought not to be French-speaking, that the schools in Mexico ought not to be Spanish-speaking, and that the schools in Japan ought not to be anime-speaking, and see how different a reaction you’ll get.

In classic leftist fashion, an actual investigation was launched into the matter and the principal was booted out of the school on paid suspension until her presumed guilt was determined accurate.

Now, months later, a final decision has been made and Miss Lacey’s contract will not be renewed. She is officially fired. If she had planted bombs at the Pentagon rather than telling kids to speak English, she’d have been promoted instead.

There are no pictures of Miss Lacey that I can find, so I don’t know what race she is, but the whole thing reminds me of this study published last week that found that the more integrated we become as a society–the more racially diverse, in other words–the more hostile to other races we become. Specifically white attitudes toward non-whites.

The Northwestern University study presented members of different races with information on the changing demographics in America, like, for example, the fact that by the year 2042, white people will no longer be the majority in America and will be demoted to having only a plurality. Today’s minorities, on the other hand, will be what is ridiculously called “majority-minorities”–because even when they’re the majority, they apparently still will not want to let go of that exalted minority label.

When presented with this and other facts, whites in particular “preferred interactions/settings with their own ethnic group over minority ethnic groups; expressed more negative attitudes toward Latinos, Blacks [sic], and Asian Americans; and expressed more automatic pro-White [sic] /anti-minority bias.” The reason whites reacted more negatively to the shifting-demographics information is because whites are the ones being negatively impacted by it. Hostility toward those who are displacing you is merely your instinct of self-preservation kicking into gear after much suppression by a leftist society.

The study concluded that “rather than ushering in a more tolerant future, the increasing diversity of the nation may instead yield intergroup hostility.”

The study also concluded that touching a hot stove will burn your hand. One could have figured out their conclusion just by looking at post-apartheid South Africa. Or France or England or Sweden. Heck, just look at the animal kingdom. Self-segregation is the natural world’s preferred social state; why should it be any different for humans? We like those who are like us.

In the case of Principle Lacey and her declaration of a Spanish-language ban, I suppose it could be seen as racial hostility. But Hempstead Middle School is just one case. Even if it wasn’t racially motivated, we will still witness a rise in animus between the races. When majorities become minorities, the majorities feel like their heritage is being threatened. This feeling is valid and completely natural. God put that in the DNA of all living things for a reason.

It’s especially reasonable to feel this way when one considers that the people we’re being displaced by hate us, complain about this country in which we’ve allowed them sanctuary, expect us to adapt to the cultures of their origin countries, and commit brutal crimes against us daily.

But other than that, no, why should we feel threatened by them?