America’s Next Bubble: The Executive Order Crisis

History has shown us that the careless misuse of legislative power will have long term—and in many cases irreversible—consequences for the United States of America. Federal legislatures that are managed without caution and respect for our governing principles always create social and economic havoc in our Republic. Now Presidential executive orders are becoming a tolerated misuse of authority and if they are not challenged by the people we will find our rights to redress will vanish in the blink of an eye.

Presidential executive orders have their place in directing the operations of our Executive Branch. In times of real crisis they allow responsible Presidents—Presidents who take their oaths of office seriously—the authority to temporarily address emergencies when swift action is necessary to protect the American people. Today our constitutional republic is being threatened by the maniacal overuse of this Presidential privilege. Overuse by a man, Barrack Hussein Obama, who willingly ignores the crises created by past government overreach while insisting that his overreach is the only answer to our nation’s problems.

If history shows us anything, it is that government interference is the prevailing catalyst for national crisis. With our elected legislators effectively removed from the governing process and replaced by a media driven national agenda—an agenda that unabashedly supports un-American activities—our nation will, one day soon, experience a crisis of a magnitude not felt since the Civil War.

By statute, Presidential executive orders must be legally enforceable and constitutionally correct. A President that issues orders contrary to the U.S. Constitution is in violation of his oath of office and becomes a threat to the document he is sworn to protect. No authority exists to enforce an unconstitutional executive order, yet there is historical precedent confirming there toleration by our government and our citizenry. Roosevelt’s executive order which led to the internment of Japanese, German, and Italian Americans during WWII serves as one example of such an executive order. Over 150,000 American citizens imprisoned to satisfy the national security concerns of a country at war.

In case we have forgotten, the President was not elected to fix problems that don’t exist. In part, he was elected to steward the repair of our broken economy, reform Washington and unite Americans. I think it’s fair to say that every elected representative in Washington was elected with the same rationale in mind. So why is our government focusing on the manufactured crisis of escalating gun violence instead of the real problems created by their historical overreach? Because they are afraid.

Our government knows that there is no simple solution on the horizon for our mounting debt and exploding poverty levels. By their own estimations, it will not be long before our economy deteriorates and government confiscation of wealth and property becomes the norm. In the end, the poor will be sacrificed first and the rest of us will follow.

Gun violence—much like the fictitious affordable housing shortages of the 90’s—is not at crisis levels in the United States. The real crisis in America, the next bubble that will burst one day, is the President and Legislative branch’s overstepping of their authority and the endemic betrayal of their oaths of office; betrayals that have led to our current national predicament. Americans are now anxious of what things lie in wait around the corner. Things that our government conveniently forgets to warn us about.

Today, Americans acting within the spirit of the 2nd Amendment are depleting firearms inventories at historic levels. Real and growing fear of tyranny is forcing many Americans to consider violent defense of their person and property from a government that grows more adversarial with each careless executive order issued by an untrustworthy and radical President. Now is the time to protest our government’s intrusion on our liberty. Waiting for fate to knock at our doors will only lead to deaths and more loss of freedom.

The electorate must begin to organize and march on Washington and our states capitols with our demands for redress. Not once or twice, but as often as necessary until our government is forced to bend to our legitimate legal requests. We must demand investigations, prosecutions and convictions for the misuse of power that we have willingly and blindly endured. We do have recourse in America and it should not have to be defended by violent acts of revolution.

Americans must begin to develop the courage to say “No!” to forced participation in bad legislation and illegal Presidential proclamations. We can no longer afford to wait for our Judiciary to decide what laws should be enforced. We know better. We just need to show them that we do. And that doesn’t always require armed confrontation. In most cases it simply requires an ideological show of force. We have the right to redress. If we fail to utilize that right, here and now, future generations will be sacrificed through carnage and tyranny.