America’s Death In The Blood Of Its Own Children

Perspective gives us the ability to accurately contrast the large with the small, and the important with the less important.” – John Sununu

I think the longer we last as a species, the more shallow our existence becomes. As we move forward, learning what was once unknowable, what we once held dearly to our hearts gets absorbed by everything else. It’s like taking a robust, brightly colored flower, and smashing it between the pages of a thick novel. We forget it’s there. As this progression occurs, our sense of morality takes the place of the flattened flower. With our morality lost, we have no anchor onto which we can hold. We have lost the gravity of our spirit.

With this loss of grounding, our perspective is useless, causing us to believe things that simply aren’t true. For example, there is outrage today, because an abortionist in Texas has been cleared of charges that he terminated infants outside the womb, post-birth. According to Breitbart:

A Harris County, Texas grand jury has cleared late-term abortionist Douglas Karpen following a seven-month investigation into allegations of illegal late-term abortions and the killing of babies born alive at two of his abortion clinics.”

According to several members of his staff, Karpen’s methods of execution varied, but included “…twisting their heads off with his bare hands.”

All I have to say is: so what? We live in a culture in which terminating an infant prior to 24 weeks is completely acceptable. In fact, it was only president Bush that outlawed partial-birth abortions. Abortion is viewed through our cultural lens as a beautiful, empowering process for women. Democrats advocate it on a regular basis as part of their main platform. Take a look at some pictures, or even a video of an abortion, and you will never be the same. I’ve seen both, and it’s comparable to the most grotesque horror movies. Arms and legs being clamped off one by one, skulls being punctured by sharpened hoses, and decapitations are regular features of the abortion procedure.

That—the slaughter of a human being—is totally acceptable, so long as the infant hasn’t emerged from the vagina. But once the child is outside the mother, the killing suddenly becomes evil, and disgusting. It’s as if our culture has no perspective whatsoever. It’s as if no one can perceive the fact that there is zero difference between the two variations of the same process. It’s a matter of geography and law. That’s it. WAKE UP!

A man got away with murder today, but so do thousands of others who practice abortion every day. Do we really believe that twisting an infant’s head off with one’s hands is any worse than decapitating it with a pair of scissors? Is clipping a spinal chord wrong ten seconds after it was totally fine? Anyone who believes that to be the truth is either severely mentally impaired or deserves incredible disdain, because they’re not human. A human being could not look at this situation and be anything else but compelled to do something about it.

We can do nothing until our perspective as a species is regained. If we remain intentionally blind, we will drown in the blood of the children we’ve slaughtered; and it will be well deserved.