Americans Want No Part in Egypt

It’s finally happened. The politicians in Washington, DC have helped to unite the American electorate. Both the Left and the Right and all of the groups in between are having their say on our government’s continuous involvement in Mid-East affairs. According to a United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll, the vast majority of Americans want no part of the turmoil in Egypt.

On the question of if we should be more involved in helping Egypt establish a government and end unrest, we have almost complete agreement. 77% of Republicans and 78% of Democrats say that we should mostly stay out of what is happening today in Egypt.

On the question of whether or not the new Egyptian government is a friend or foe to the USA, most Americans find the answer somewhere in between. 72% of Democrats say the answer lies somewhere between friend and enemy, 66% of Republicans agree with that assessment.

On what is likely the most important question for the current Egyptian regime, Americans show equal unanimity. When asked if we should continue to provide aid to Egypt now that a new government has been installed, only 22% of Democrats think we should continue giving at the same levels. 12% of Republicans concur. However, the vast majority of both parties believe that we should either reduce or eliminate foreign aid to Egypt altogether.

After almost 15 years of continual warfare in the Middle East and Central Asia, the American people are apparently growing tired of what seems like a never ending struggle. In the Islamic world when one fire is extinguished, two more spark to life. The battle to bring stability and peace to the region is not something that we can do on our own.egypt

The last decade has proven that even our vast resources can be depleted, and while Americans may want to see a world at peace where people don’t have to worry about being ruled by a dictator… we can’t do the work on our own.

Americans don’t want to be involved in Syria, Egypt or even Iran. Most Americans would prefer to see us leave Iraq and Afghanistan in the near future, and I suppose in general most of us would like to just stop fighting.

The more the Islamic world falls apart, the more Americans may wish to simply turn their backs on what is happening there.