American Women Murdered Over 330,000 Children Last Year

Outrage has grown into activism following the murder of 20 babies in the Connecticut school shootings last month. Liberal’s all over our nation are brandishing their moral superiority in the fight to keep our defenseless safe from gunfire. But what of the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives taken each year by mothers more concerned with convenience than a child’s life.

“There’s just too many incidents that are happening that you think could be avoided if there were stronger regulations about it.” This quote, from a New York mother in a CBS News piece is not about the obscene number of U.S. abortions but the necessity of gun control regulations.

How many more children must die before Washington does something to end our gun violence problem? “………a mother in a newly released “Mayors against Gun Violence” Ad.

Too bad the same outrage isn’t felt every 94 seconds for the child ripped from an expectant mother’s womb in a selfish display of modern female moral superiority. That’s right liberals every 94 seconds a baby is aborted in America and that number is expected to rise not fall. Where are the ads from “Mayors against Infanticide?” Oh no, that would be political suicide, I suppose.

I’m not a very emotional man, but I have to admit I cried hard for the families of the Newtown shootings. I still can’t get past the faces I have never known and the lives that I have never shared that were exterminated by a madman. No more good morning kisses for 20 Connecticut Daddy’s or a shared snuggle on the couch with a favorite blankee. I can’t even begin to explain how it breaks my heart as a man and a father. Yet each and every year, feminists twist a Supreme Court right to privacy ruling into a constitutionally protected right to commit mass murder. All to proclaim victory for gender equality?

The 330,000 child murders mentioned in the title of my article is not the sum total of legal abortions performed in the U.S. this year. It is an accurate count of those performed by the cauldron of reproductive health provided by Planned Parenthood. A taxpayer subsidized entity providing discount homicide services for our emancipated modern women. Services fervently supported by the very same politicians and special interests seeking to destroy a true Constitutional right, gun ownership, in the name of children’s safety.

How do feminists and reproductive rights advocates distinguish between killing a child before it takes a breath and the terror a child experiences in a senseless act of violence by a stranger in a classroom with a gun? How can the Mayor’s against Gun Violence, an organization selling gun control as an issue “of life and death” ignore the mass murder of innocent children each and every year through legal abortions? Isn’t that an issue of life or death? Apparently not to a liberal. After all a liberal would never betray a citizen’s rights as documented in the U.S. Constitution. They only wish to improve public safety by making gun ownership safer and less available, not murder.

The twisted logic of liberals is a very dangerous threat to our nation’s children. State sanctioned abortion takes more children’s lives every year than any violent act known to our society. Yet year after year, liberals fight against its regulation; and any attempts to make abortions less available and protect the lives of unborn babies.

Every state that has enacted laws in an attempt to reveal the humanity of a coming life to an expectant mother before they execute their baby is attacked by liberal groups as trampling on feminism. It’s all painted as a plot to infringe on a woman’s reproductive right. No, no, no, liberals could never let that stand.

Yet one man kills twenty precious children with a gun and liberals unite to attack a founding legal principle (gun ownership), the practice of which saves more lives each year, reduces crime and acts as a general deterrent to murder every day, but the killing of unborn babies, the truly defenseless…not such a big deal. It is all forgiven in the name of womanhood and feminism.

In the time it took me to write an article, 240 babies, potential kindergarten students, were murdered by American Mommies; mommies that support liberal gun control policies. Who will weep for this obscene and unholy loss of human life? Will the Mayors against Gun Violence experience a moral awakening in their fight to protect our children by limiting the availability of abortions as they wish to do with firearms or will mass murder of innocent children by their own mothers continue unchecked and uninhibited?

Sometimes America disgusts me.