Al Gore Blames Hurricane Sandy on Global Warming

Over the years, I’ve constantly been amazed by former Vice President Al Gore and his complete lack of understanding of scientific facts when it comes to the environment.  His book, Earth in the Balance, published in 1992, was filled with so many inaccuracies that it really belonged in the Humor section of bookstores.

One of the biggest blunders he made in the book was when he wrote that evolution is true because the salt content in our blood is the same as in the ocean (page 264):

“It cannot be accidental, one is tempted to conclude, that the percentage of salt in our bloodstreams is roughly the same as the percentage of salt in the oceans of the world.  The long and intricate process by which evolution helped to shape the complex interrelationship of all living and nonliving things may be explicable in purely scientific terms, but the simple fact of the living world and our place on it evokes awe, wonder, a sense of mystery–a spiritual response when one reflects on its deeper meaning.”

To begin with, the salt content in our blood is not the same as in the ocean.  Secondly, the salt content in the oceans vary from area to area and the salt content in our blood varies greatly on one’s diet.  But this was his proof that man is a product of evolution.

Over the years, he has claimed to be a champion of the environment by fighting pollution and global warming.  His methods remind me of the children’s story character Chicken Little running around yelling ‘the sky is falling, the sky is falling’ only in the case of Al Gore, he’s been running around yelling ‘the earth is warming, the earth is warming.’

A good example is his latest statement blaming Hurricane Sandy on global warming.  He compared the effects of Hurricane Sandy to those of a storm that flooded Nashville, TN two years ago.  Gore stated:

“While the storm that drenched Nashville was not a tropical cyclone like Hurricane Sandy, both storms were strengthened by the climate crisis. Scientists tell us that by continually dumping 90 million tons of global warming pollution into the atmosphere every single day, we are altering the environment in which all storms develop.”

“As the oceans and atmosphere continue to warm, storms are becoming more energetic and powerful. Hurricane Sandy and the Nashville flood were reminders of just that.”

“Hurricane Sandy is a disturbing sign of things to come.”

It seems that Gore was completely unaware that one of the things that made Sandy so damaging is that it merged with another weather pattern and it was timed with some of the highest tides of the season.  The chance circumstances that made Sandy so bad are similar in concept to the Perfect Storm in 1991 where three different weather fronts collided off the coast of New England.

Real weather scientists disagree with Gore and his conclusion about Sandy and global warming.  Martin Hoerling, a meteorologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Earth System Research Laboratory stated:

“The immediate cause is most likely little more than the coincidental alignment of a tropical storm with an extratropical storm.”

“As to underlying causes, neither the frequency of tropical or extratropical cyclones over N. Atlantic are projected to appreciably change due to climate change.”

Chris Landsea, science and operations officer at the National Hurricane Center and Roger Pielke Jr., a Fellow of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado at Boulder both agree that Sandy tells us little about climate change and that any correlation between manmade global warming and hurricanes is undetectable.

Marc Morano, executive director of said:

“These new ‘Tabloid Climatology’ claims by activists attempting to link any weather event to manmade global warming [are] disgusting.”

“They are exploiting any weather event to promote their religious-like cause and a storm like Sandy is shamelessly used to gin up fear.”

So when it comes to Al Gore and his environmental expertise, I am reminded of a Will Rogers quote that says:

“An ignorant person is one who doesn’t know what you have just found out,” and Al Gore seems to be that ignorant person.  Aren’t you glad he didn’t win the 2000 presidential election?