Alien Trades Places with Chris Matthews

Something very, very weird is happening at MSNBC.

Chris Matthews has actually said some relatively coherent things over the last few weeks. Ok, we’ve only heard him say three (one, two and three) relatively coherent things… but that’s three more than usual!

Well, now Matthews has said something else that makes sense… and we’re starting to worry. Could it be that an alien has switched places with the normally obtuse Matthews? That might make more sense than whatever is actually going on.

Anyway, this time around Chris Matthews is on the Ronan Farrow show discussing Eric Cantor’s loss to Tea Party candidate David Brat. At one point Farrow makes some disparaging remarks about the intelligence of conservatives and Brat in particular… which is when Matthews jumps in to defend conservatives!

When Farrow snarkily commented that Brat’s general election rival – a colleague at the same college –  got a higher score on Rate My Professor (a website where any college student can post their opinions on their instructors) Matthews shot back that believing that a liberal professor will automatically be smarter than his conservative counterpart is “crazy talk.”

Matthews continued his out-of-character moment of clarity by stating that Tea Party proponents “have a message” and are “as American as any liberal is.” It’s truly shocking stuff from the man who, three days ago, claimed that Tea Party-favored Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) leads the ‘Hate Wing’ of GOP. Matthews asserted that the grassroots are angry at the “failure” of the government “to deliver to the working people,” and later questioned “what good is government good at?”

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