Alabama Lawmaker Vows to Get Rid of all College Gun-Free Zones in the State

According to a campus carry group in Alabama, students are technically permitted to carry on public university campuses. If they’re caught, the school will expel them, but they’re not going to be imprisoned, because it’s not against the law. The universities have rules that must be followed as conditions of attendance.

But one Alabama representative wants to eliminate these gun-free zones. Private universities would still be able to make whatever rules they want on firearms, but public universities would have to allow concealed carry under this proposed legislation. Campus Reform reported:

Representative Mack Butler (R), who is also an Alabama police officer, will defend his bill when the legislative body reconvenes in February. Butler framed the bill as a Constitutional Amendment so that, if passed, it would then likely appear on the November ballot in Alabama. Butler told Yellow Hammer News he strategically crafted the bill as an Amendment to the Constitution of Alabama so that its fate will be in the hands of voters.

 “By doing it as a Constitutional Amendment, every citizen of our state will have the opportunity to weigh in on take ownership of this very important decision,” he said.

Butler is on something of a crusade against gun control, vowing to eliminate every gun free zone on Alabama campuses.

“I have been working on this bill for months. I hope to eliminate every gun free zone I possibly can, which will increase the safety of all Alabamians,” he said.

A couple years ago, a campus carry student group tried to get the University of Alabama to change their weapons policy to allow those with permits to carry on campus. They wouldn’t budge. Cathy Andreen, the media relations director at the University, made this statement:

“Our policies are designed to help make sure our campus is a safe place for our students, employees and visitors to live, learn, work and visit. UA believes its policies and procedures comply with the state law. As a result, UA will not allow the possession of guns or dangerous weapons on our campus, except under the limited circumstances set out in its policy.”

 But how about incidents like Virginia Tech or Umpqua? How did having no-weapons policies help them? They certainly helped the murderers.