Al Sharpton Organizing Fast Until Loretta Lynch Confirmed—But There’s A Catch

Famous motivational speaker Tony Robbins said that “the only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.”

When one has a desire to see change in the world around them, they must commit to something. What that something is depends upon the circumstances surrounding the given situation. For some, fasting is the commitment of choice.

For example, Mahatma Ghandi famously fasted for 21 days on three separate occasions—once in 1924, again in 1933, and finally in 1943. Numerous other fasts lasted for seven days, four days, six days, etc. The point is, the man was committed to his political causes, and he chose to put on display this commitment through fasting—some of which was quite extreme.

With the confirmation of Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch on hold until the human trafficking bill is passed, the good Reverend Al “Dollar Signs” Sharpton has organized a fast through his National Action Network (NAN) organization. Breitbart reports that Sharpton made the following proclamation on Wednesday:

“As long as the Senate refuses to take fifteen minutes to confirm someone for Attorney General that they have already confirmed twice for U.S. Attorney, NAN and our allies will do everything in our power to draw attention to this completely unfair and unnecessary delay to vote to confirm Loretta Lynch.”

Breitbart also reports that the “fast”—the one that NAN and their allies are organizing to show the world that they will do whatever it takes!!!—will be:

“…a de facto relay, consisting of fasters foregoing food for a single day at a time after which, another group will replace them.”

Hang on—wait a minute. Where matters of principle are concerned, and when “fasting” is taking place in regard to political protests, the concept of a relay doesn’t quite hit the mark.

So, what’s happening here is that NAN and their allies will be staging what amounts to a faux fast, an imbecilic attempt to gain attention by giving up food…for a single day!

Wait a minute. What am I even saying?! I should be praising these gritty protesters! What commitment they must hold to give up food for a WHOLE DAY!

But questions remain. How will they survive? What if they’re not part of the 68% of American adults who are overweight or obese? What if they’re of reasonable weight? What if they’re already kind of on the thin-side? What devastation will an entire day of fasting have on their bodies?

I can already hear the sound of medical experts being flown in by MSNBC to breathlessly talk of the health issues of single-day fasting and the nightmarish conditions under which these soldiers on the front lines of political protest will be placed. There will be moments of silence, stern looks to the camera, and ample finger-wagging toward those despicable Republicans.

I can only hope these brave warriors know what they’re getting themselves into. However, it seems these are the steps that must be taken in light of this incredible cause.

I simply ask that after reading this, you take a moment of silence…

…for Ghandi.