Al Sharpton Global Warming Meltdown: “Right-wingers Boiling Over With Denial!”

World-renowned climate scientist Al Sharpton mocked conservatives for making light of the incident recently where other global warming scientists found themselves trapped in Arctic ice and needing rescue. Three rescue attempts had failed, because the ice was too thick. Finally, on January 2nd, they were airlifted by helicopter to an Australian icebreaker ship.

It was humorous, because these global warming scientists were on mission to document how much Arctic ice had melted. You know how they’re always saying that the polar ice caps are melting, that sea levels are rising and will engulf half the United States, and polar bears are going to die, and it’s all our fault for passing greenhouses gas?

The media, of course, ignored that key detail (that they were global warming scientists) to avoid humiliating them and even referred to them as passengers and tourists. Anything but bring attention to the cold, inconvenient irony of the nature of the expedition and why a rescue mission was necessary. But thanks to Al Gore’s internet invention, the real news spread like wildfire.

Al Sharpton had to go in damage control mode to prove that these global warming deniers just hate science. Standing in a white straightjacket lab coat, behind a table topped with bubbling beakers, Sharpton gave a highly educational rant:

Well, that pretty much settles it for me. Getting trapped in ice that was supposed to be melted by now and enduring three failed rescue attempts by icebreakers, which are designed specifically to break the ice, is akin to snowing a little in winter. “Just because it snows in winter doesn’t mean the planet isn’t heating up,” Sharpton reassured his viewers. Never underestimate the faith of the ultra-religious left.

By the way, it is summer in Antarctica, not winter.