Al-Qaeda Training Taliban in Afghanistan

In the past month or so, there has been an increase in the number of insider attacks taking place in Afghanistan.  Insider attacks are those where members of the police and army attack and kill other members of the police and army.

The Taliban is claiming responsibility for these attacks and others.  Some of the newer Taliban attacks are demonstrating capabilities that are beyond what they’ve been capable of in the past.  Their methods and frequencies have been ramping up since the announcement of the 2014 U.S. withdrawal rate.

A number of experts are saying that the Taliban and al-Qaeda have been teaming up and that it is that teaming up that has prompted the increased attacks.  One reported set out to find if this was true or not.

Lara Logan, a reporter with 60 Minutes managed to arrange a meeting with a Taliban commander in Kabul, Afghanistan to find out if there was any.  He insisted on keeping his identity hidden and face blurred out from the television interview that took place in moving vehicle to insure his safety.  Here is part of that interview that I transcribed from yesterday’s morning news:

“Logan: Who is behind the insider attacks, what the Americans call insider attacks infiltrating the Afghan police and army.  Is that you?

Taliban Commander: These are Taliban attacks. This is part of our new military strategy.  We have our people in the Afghan police and army.  The orders come from the top.

Logan: He told us that al-Qaeda fighters are rushing to Afghanistan.  He has more than a dozen of them under his command.  He also said they’ve been the driving force that has made the Taliban more lethal battlefield.

Logan: Are you the only commander with al-Qaeda fighters?

Commander: There are many groups that have this.  We can’t do this without them.

Logan: What skills do the al-Qaeda fighters bring?

Commander: They are masters of everything.  For example, making I.E.D.s.  Something we don’t know how to do, but they are teaching us.  They are also master engineers and good with all weapons.  When our weapons break, they are the ones that repair them.  We can’t do this without them.”

From the words of a Taliban commander, they are being trained by al-Qaeda operatives to expand their terrorist capabilities.  He also verified that people in both the police and army and that these people will continue to carry out insider attacks.

How do you defend yourself from these types of attacks?  Is there any way to truly protect our troops that are there trying to train the Afghan police and army to protect their own country and people?  By keeping our troops and private contractors in Afghanistan, are we subjecting them to dangers that are impossible to defend against?

I hate to see Americans continue to be killed and maimed by placing them in a situation where we will never win.  The Russians realized that after 9 years of war in Afghanistan and we’ve been there 11 years and nothing has really changed in that country.  Personally, I believe that that the United States needs to pack up and bring our men and woman home while we can and leave the Afghans to fight amongst themselves as they have for the past several thousand years.