Al Gore: We Need to “Punish Climate Change Deniers”

Al Gore’s not the only global warmist calling for “deniers” to be punished in some way.

There is this professor at the University of Graz in Austria who believes global warming deniers should be executed. And he doesn’t even support the death penalty for mass murderers. But he makes an exception for deniers, because they’re causing “the deaths of hundreds of millions of future people.” He said that more than likely, there would be billions of people’s lives at stake, but that hundreds of millions is a “conservative estimate.”

So, Al Gore’s not that fanatic, but he’s getting there. He wants to “punish” those who would dare question the theory of manmade global warming. So tolerant these people are of other viewpoints. Of course, he doesn’t really care about people or their opinions. He’s trying to get everyone to invest in the green industry and divest from the fossil fuel industry. EcoWatch reported:

For the third time in the last few years, Al Gore, founder and chairman of the Climate Reality Project, spoke at the [South by Southwest] festival on Friday. Naturally, his interactive discussion focused on addressing the climate crisis. The former vice president focused on the need to “punish climate-change deniers, saying politicians should pay a price for rejecting ‘accepted science,’” said the Chicago Tribune.

Gore said forward-thinking investors are moving away from companies that invest in fossil fuels and towards companies investing in renewable energy. “We need to put a price on carbon to accelerate these market trends,” Gore told the Chicago Tribune, referring to a proposed federal cap-and-trade system that would penalize companies that exceeded their carbon-emission limits. “And in order to do that, we need to put a price on denial in politics.”

“Forward-thinking investors,” huh? So this is what this whole global warming thing is about. Everyone knows it’s not science. It’s about money and “market trends.”

Of course, it’s always nice to have the “science” on your side, so in order to do that, they hire scientists to “adjust” the temperature data so that it makes the conclusion what these “forward-thinking investors” want. And these forward-thinking investors will only benefit the most if everyone’s doing what they’re doing. So, they can call for anyone who’s not on their side to be “punished” for “causing the future deaths of hundreds of millions of people.” And for being “anti-science.” Scare them into becoming global warming evangelists. “Convert or die.” Sound familiar?

EcoWatch continued:

He called on the tech-minded SXSW [South by Southwest] crowd, which is dominated by Millenials, to harness technology to launch a grassroots movement to tackle climate change and call out climate deniers. “We have this denial industry cranked up constantly,” Gore said. “In addition to 99 percent of the scientists and all the professional scientific organizations, now Mother Nature is weighing in.”


Gore wanted these young, tech-savvy attendees to start a grassroots movement using social media like they did when “net neutrality was threatened or when the Stop Online Piracy Act threatened to blacklist websites that offered so-called illegal content,” said Macworld. That means signing petitions to fight climate change, utilizing social media to call out climate deniers in Congress and streaming the Live Earth Road to Paris concert on June 18, an event designed to draw attention to the climate talks in Paris this December.

Al Gore’s marketing strategy seems to mirror a political campaign. That’s because it is a political campaign.

John Kerry said manmade global warming is an elementary fact like gravity. You don’t see scientists and their political financiers trying to drum up support for the theory of gravity by getting all the young techies out there to spread the word on social media about gravity, and live-stream some concert that all the kids love going to that raises awareness of gravity.

Global warming isn’t science. At its heart is the love of money.