Al Gore Once Again Sells America Out to Our Enemies

Back in 1992, then Senator Al Gore attended the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro.  As the official representative for the US, Gore signed most of the UN resolutions for the US.

One of those resolutions was that every developed nation be forced to share their wealth and technology with poorer and underdeveloped nations.  Another resolution was to create the UN green helmeted environmental police that would have legal jurisdiction over every nation in the world if they perceived a possible environmental threat or disaster.  The green helmets would be able to cross international boundaries and dictate to their leaders what needed to be done to resolve the supposed environmental threat or crisis.

The scariest resolution put forth at the 1992 UNCED conference was to place all land throughout the world under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.  The measure actually gave the United Nations the authority to say who would be allowed to own what land and where you are allowed to live.

The combined measures proposed at the 1992 UNCED would have established a one world government and economy controlled by the United Nations.  Al Gore signed all of these resolutions for the United States.  Fortunately, enough other counties refused to sign the majority of the resolutions and they were never implemented.

However, the fact remains that Al Gore sold America out to the United Nations at that conference.  This was my greatest fear had Gore won the presidential election in 2000, that as president, he would have gone ahead and sold us out to the UN and that now we would be just one of many United Nations entities.

Now, it seems that Gore has once again sold America out to those who want to destroy the American way of life and convert us to a Muslim nation.  Gore and his business partners started a cable channel, Current TV, seven years ago.  The channel has remained a low-rated one at best and most likely the majority of you have never heard of it.

On Wednesday, Gore announced that he and his partners had sold the cable network to Al Jazeera, a Muslim based news network owned by Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al Thani whose headquarters are in Doha, Qatar.  The network focuses on the news of the Middle East and Arab affairs.

According to the reports of the sale, Al Jazeera plans to stop Current TV and use the network to reach at least 40 million American homes with English language news of Arabian affairs.  This will give the Muslim based network more opportunity to spread Islamic doctrine and propaganda to a larger sector of America than they previously were able to reach.

I recall in the first few years after 911 when the US was hunting Osama bin Laden, it was Al Jazeera that regularly broadcast bin Laden’s audio and video messages that called for the destruction of the US and Israel.  Therefore, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that they will use the cable network they purchased from our good old buddy Al Gore, to reach millions more American homes with more anti-America and anti-Israel pro-Muslim news and propaganda.

Thanks, Al!  Once again you’ve sold America out to our enemies.